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A vital tool in Sky Lakes’ communication pathway

Sky Lakes Medical Center, the only hospital in a 10,000-square-mile area, was looking for a way to reach all employees with real-time communications. The solution? Netpresenter corporate screensavers and Netpresenter digital signage as the primary interface for their frontline staff.

Before Netpresenter, Sky Lakes reached its employees through overhead announcements, emails, and posters. Nowadays, the hospital considers Netpresenter a vital tool in their communication pathway and strategically directs communication with Netpresenter on all computers and several TV screens. They use Netpresenter ‘to truly get the right information to our staff.’


Sky Lakes Medical Center wanted to reach (frontline) employees with critical communication directly and in real-time, within their workflows. Multiple communication methods were already in place, but not every person in the hospital was available to receive every form of media. Some didn’t always have access to overhead announcements or email, for example. Sky Lakes required a method to reach these people.


1,500 Screensavers on PCs and messaging on TVs to inform staff of critical (security) information. To enhance their protection from potential cyberattacks, Sky Lakes uses Netpresenter to increase knowledge of security awareness. Sky Lakes also uses Netpresenter to send out alerts whenever there’s downtime of any of their systems.


Instant and easy communication to (frontline) employees who were difficult to reach before. By repeatedly showing messages about spam, sharing passwords, and other security concerns, they raise the staff’s awareness of security risks, helping Sky Lakes keep their Electronic Medical Records safe. The alerts ensure everybody gets crucial information about system downtimes.

‘We use Netpresenter to truly get the right information to our staff’

John Gaede Director of Information Services at Sky Lakes Medical Center

About Sky Lakes Medical Center

Sky Lakes Medical Center is a not-for-profit, community-owned, internationally accredited acute-care teaching hospital. As a leader in the health care industry, Sky Lakes is an economic and social asset for the community. Sky Lakes serves more than 80,000 people in south-central Oregon and northern California. As the only hospital in a 10,000-square-mile area, Sky Lakes combines small-town charm and neighborliness with big-city medical expertise in our facility, which is licensed for 176 beds.


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