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5 Ways Healthcare Organizations can benefit from Digital Signage

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The health care industry is a natural fit for digital signage. Medical facilities can be unpredictable, hectic and enigmatic. But, there’s a way to create more peace and structure. Digital signage in healthcare enables you to better and quickly inform your staff, patients and visitors. So, do your messages remain unseen? Get them on a digital screen!

How to integrate digital signage in your health care organization

Health care organizations are always on the move due to the constantly changing nature of its facilities and the dynamic nature of the healthcare sector. Digital signage provides you with a way to get everybody in your building up to date. For example, you can hang digital screens in the waiting room or at the reception. Below are five ways health care organizations can benefit from digital signage:

1. Safety first

Digital signage in healthcare can function as an alerting system. You’ll raise awareness throughout the facility and quickly get essential information to your workforce, patients and visitors. With just one click on the button, you can send messages to all connected screens.


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2. Inform & engage staff

Digital screens can be hung in staff rooms to inform your employees. Replace notice boards or whiteboards and instantly update your staff with policies, new treatments, procedure changes, safety alerts or training sessions.

3. Waiting times

Unfortunately, patients and visitors often need to wait for their appointment. Research shows that unexplained waits feel longer than explained waits. That is why the Belgian Academic Hospital AZ Nikolaas placed digital screens throughout the building with queue-management information, provided by Netpresenter’s software. The screens show messages which indicate estimated waiting times and show important information at the Emergency department.

Digital Signage in Healthcare Organizations

4. Navigation 

Health care organizations are mostly located in large facilities, which are hard to navigate through for patients and visitors. Digital signage can provide you a solution by putting, for example, wayfinding on your digital screens. In a high stress environment, such as a hospital, an interactive wayfinding kiosk for instance, can give your patients and visitors an enhanced feeling of well-being, safety, and security. You can also provide them with a detailed map with physician directories and step-by-step directions.

5. Promotion 

Digital signage doesn’t only improve patients and visitors experience, it can also provide your health care facility with something extra: promotion! In addition to displaying corporate information and emergency alerts, you can also effectively inform and promote your products, services and events without being pushy. You can even get a new revenue model out of it by selling advertising space on your screens to third parties.

While reading the above, think about all the money you can save on paperwork, training and educating your staff. From a small general practice, to a large busy hospital, digital signage delivers a strong return on investment for any health care facility. Besides, it’s a much eco-friendlier way to communicate!

So, add up all the plusses and get digital! Want to know more about how to integrate digital signage in your organization? We’re healthily happy to help! Contact us or request a free demo. Or download the free guide on how to get started with digital signage.

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