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Keep hospital staff informed, even with Single Sign-on security

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In healthcare, excellent internal communication is crucial. That’s why digital signage and interactive screensavers are popular amongst hospitals, as a way to inform or alert both patients and staff instantaneously. After all, time is precious, and there is no room for errors, confusion, or ambiguity. Yet, some hospitals encounter a problem when the necessary IT security gets in the way of improving internal communication. Netpresenter developed a solution for that problem, which guarantees the safety of patient data while keeping essential communication channels with medical staff open.

It’s always good practice to lock your workstation when you’re not using it. But when working with sensitive patient data, good security is extra important. After all, it would be unacceptable for outsiders to gain access to the sensitive information in the Electronic Health Record. Safety first! But there is also a downside to this increased security: doctors and nurses have to enter their login details dozens of times a day, which is frustrating and costs a lot of valuable time.

Single Sign-on

There are plenty of solutions for this problem on the market, enabling healthcare workers to quickly log in and out on a PC with a physical ID card. You get access to all the systems you need with just one swipe. These systems are often designed specifically for the healthcare industry, like Imprivata.

Although such systems take away a lot of hassle for medical staff, they come with another downside. Strict security procedures can disrupt the use of software that is not compatible with or optimized for the Single Sign-on solution. That might result in an interactive screensaver that doesn’t update properly, doesn’t disappear after logging in, or doesn’t restart automatically when locking a workstation. When functioning correctly, an interactive screensaver brings the news to employees without them having to do something – it informs them without distracting them from their work. But if it doesn’t work optimally due to a Single Sign-on solution, a corporate screensaver loses a lot of its function.

single sign-on


That’s why Netpresenter’s all-in-one communication platform is designed to be compatible with such login systems, including Imprivata. This means that our communication platform’s functionalities are retained, while the high level of security remains intact. No compromises must be made.

This way, even with high-quality, yet user-friendly security, any hospital can benefit from a powerful communication platform. You can keep the medical staff informed without using e-mails or intranet, meaning even employees without access to a PC will be reached. Patients and visitors can also see the latest news, current hygiene regulations, or an interactive map of the building via digital signage.

Alert at the touch of a button

In the event of an emergency, a high-level alert is sent out with the touch of a button. This alert will be visible on every screen in the hospital. The UTMC (The University of Tennessee Medical Center) and Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, among others, already use this to communicate with thousands of employees, patients, and visitors.

Want to know more about what Netpresenter can do for hospitals and medical institutions? Or are you curious whether our communication platform is compatible with specific Single Sign-On solutions? Just contact me, and we’ll look into it together. Or download our free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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