Today’s students are digital natives, craving fast, visual information. Your communication should fit those needs. Netpresenter helps you get staff’s and students’ attention with fast, efficient, and visual communication.

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In today’s learning centers, teachers and students are often spread across various campuses or locations. Simultaneously, information flows constantly – in and outside of the classroom. How do you connect with these varied audiences and focus their attention on your messages when every piece of information competes for attention, and your audience groups are always on the go?

Learn and grow in a connected climate

Technology is now an important part of education. With a next-gen comms platform, knowledge flows freely, and students and staff are connected to the resources they need to thrive. Take a multichannel approach to keep students, staff, and visitors informed through the channels they prefer. Comms channels such as PCs, TVs, and smartphones cater to your school’s multigenerational audience’s needs and help students learn in a connected climate.

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Reach everyone with one platform

Use one CMS to spread information through various channels, such as TV, PCs, and smartphones, to reach students, staff, and visitors.


Display customized content

Customize content for each faculty or study area to ensure students and staff only get to see information that's relevant to them.


Redirect to the right information

Redirect students and staff to the right information and provide easy access by adding a scannable QR code or a clickable button.


Improve campus navigation

Provide dynamic and static wayfinding to help students, staff, and visitors navigate your campus (and get to class in time!).

“Digital Signage serves as an extension of our SharePoint platform, offering an effective channel to engage our students. It’s been a monumental improvement.”

Alan Kurk Chief Information Officer at Texas A&M AgriLife

Reach audiences
with real-time alerts

Inform students of schedule changes, project deadlines, test results, upcoming events, schedule changes, and even severe weather and other emergency situations with multichannel notifications. Our alerts allow you to deliver time-sensitive information and vital updates instantly to all students and staff across a wide range of channels and devices.

Meet your students
where they are

Are students a very tricky audience to reach? Not if you meet them where they are! Which is on their devices: smartphones, laptops, and tablets. A mobile-first approach is an excellent method to reach these digital natives. Netpresenter enables you to draw genuine interest by allowing you to publish messages through various channels that students already love using.


Proven communication
for education

Netpresenter is successfully being used by various educational organizations. Some of the learning centers we love working with:

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One system to inform both students and staff

Texas A&M AgriLife was looking for a Digital Signage solution seamlessly compatible with their SharePoint platform. Through the Netpresenter Digital Signage – SharePoint integration, they now efficiently disseminate information to their  5,000 employees and 6,000 students spread across numerous locations in Texas.

Allow staff and students
to have their say

Thanks to the rise of internet and social media, students nowadays are used to being able to provide input and feedback through all sorts of channels. And they have interesting things to say! You’re missing out on important feedback opportunities if you don’t give them chances to share their thoughts and feelings. Help your students and staff express their opinions by asking for feedback through polls or pulse surveys.

Make information
easily accessible 

Students, staff, and visitors expect immediate digital information. Having the ability to deliver content to any screen on your campus makes it easy to give students and staff the resources and tools they need to teach and learn effectively. Connect your SharePoint intranet to all screens on campus and automatically publish your intranet content to help audience groups find what they’re looking for.

We love our customers,
our customers love us

Netpresenter is highly rated on Capterra and G2. Read our reviews and find out why customers love us.

“Great narrowcasting tool to reach everyone within your company”

Coen Mulder

“Strong Tool to Communicate with Dispersed Audience”

Deborah O’Driscoll

“Netpresenter helps engage all employees working at home to stay connected with the company”

Jack Vogelaar

Success Story

80 percent feel better informed with Netpresenter

Students, a very tricky audience to reach? The University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) informs 35,000 students and 3,500 employees via Netpresenter Digital Signage on large TV screens across the campus. No less than 80 percent of students and staff say they feel better informed!

Additional benefits for
educational organizations


Emergency communication

Visual alerts on all screens in your buildings add to audible alerts and create an ideal alerting tool for all audiences, including those with hearing loss.


Lunch menu displays

Display your on-campus lunch menus on digital signage screens and screensavers, so staff and students can get in the mood for their food.


Train and traffic information

Show live traffic information and train and subway schedules. Allow staff and students to adjust their schedules and commuting routes accordingly.


Awareness campaigns

Screensaver messages can be customized to promote important internal campaigns like hand hygiene and cybersecurity awareness.


Crisis communication

Display crisis comms in various forms on various channels to reach audiences across campus and increase readership with alerts and notifications.


Social media and news

Connect and broadcast your school's social media accounts to increase online engagement and highlight what's going on on campus.

What our
customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our valued customers say about Netpresenter. Read their testimonials and success stories below and find out how we help them daily to achieve their goals.

Roel Dik Functional Application Manager at TU Delft
'Especially in areas with lots of PC workstations, like library study areas, this is an ideal way to communicate with students.'
Meral van Leeuwen Corporate Comms Advisor and Editor at HU
'It's a good tool, especially for students. This is just a very tricky audience to reach. Now they often say: 'I saw it on the screens', which is exactly what we hoped for!'
Verified User Higher Education
'We have been using Netpresenter for over 15 years now, with very little performance problems. The app is very useful for targeted communication in crisis situations!'