Netpresenter has everything you need to communicate with your entire workforce, no matter what they do or where they are. Our platform consists of a wide array of powerful communication tools, unique features and nifty integrations. Discover it all below.

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Keeping employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe requires the right mix of communication tools. Our omnichannel platform consists of all the tools for your organization to effectively reach everyone; anywhere, anytime!

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Netpresenter has a lot to offer, and we are always developing new features to make our platform even better. Visit our feature page for a complete overview of all features that help you keep your employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.

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Connect Netpresenter with the tools you already use to automatically display and share existing content, reports and dashboards. Prevent double entry to save costly time and bring relevant content to your employees to keep everyone informed about the latest and greatest.

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How it works

Sending out a message with Netpresenter is almost as easy as sending an email or riding a bike. In just five simple steps, you’re able to reach everyone in your organization. Discover how our communication platform works.