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United States Government Publishing Office moves beyond print

United States Government Printing Office (GPO) has dramatically improved its internal communication abilities. The organization now uses video displays and existing PC screens to keep both its white collar and blue collar employees better informed.

Despite the use of a variety of print and electronic channels, the research found it wasn’t meeting the communication needs of a large portion of their 2,400 employees. They also found that many felt unrecognized for their contributions. To counter this, they implemented Netpresenter in 2008.


Keeping both white and blue-collar staff, and staff in head offices and field offices, equally well informed. Making employees feel more recognized for their efforts.


Netpresenter software is used to broadcast 24×7 on 50 wall-mounted monitors throughout the GPO campuses. The same content is pushed out to the screensavers of all agency desktops and kiosks in production areas.


Everyone is kept equally well informed: 57 percent of the employees feels GPO communication improved ‘a great deal’. Employees feel more recognized for their efforts and feel more ‘part of the team’

“When we use Netpresenter to inform staff of training opportunities, course enrollments typically jump 20 to 40 percent following Netpresenter exposure.”

Jeffrey Brooke Director of Employee Communications at United States Government Printing Office

About GPO

GPO prints Congressional publications and U.S. Passports, procures all Federal printing and manages the Federal Depository Library Program of 1,250 libraries. GPO has 2,400 employees. Most of these employees work in Washington, but there are also a few hundred employees working in field offices.

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