Employee satisfaction up 33 percent thanks to ‘on screen’ communication

The George Washington University Hospital is using Netpresenter to update staff via interactive PC screensavers and presentations on large screens. The result: more consistent communication and an increase in employee satisfaction with hospital communication of 33 percent.

In 2007, The George Washington University Hospital (GWUH) selected Netpresenter to communicate with its staff, physicians, visitors, and patients. The latest hospital and healthcare news is now broadcasted on all 2,000 work stations, as well as on large screens in the elevator bays, main lobby, and physician lounges.


The George Washington University Hospital required a more consistent method of communication to reach all staff with the latest hospital and healthcare news, changes, and updates. GWUH wanted the ability to target its different audiences with specific messages. A possibility to redirect employees to important content on the intranet would be a plus.


Netpresenter was selected as a centralized method to communicate with all staff, patients, and visitors. The latest news is now broadcast on all 2,000 workstations and large screens in both public and restricted areas. Content posted on Netpresenter can contain a direct, clickable link that redirects employees to important intranet content.


Various screens target different audiences for relevant content, and a digital directory on Netpresenter helps patients and visitors find their way through the hospital. Urgent news such as IT upgrades or news on drug issues are always and immediately highly visible. Employee satisfaction with hospital communications increased by 33 percent within the first three months of using Netpresenter.

“Netpresenter is a really great way to reach people because you’re going to them where they already are: behind their computer or moving around the hospital”

Gretchen Tegethoff CIO at the George Washington University Hospital

About GWUH

The George Washington University Hospital is a multi-disciplinary, tertiary care hospital, offering many diverse services all in one central location. A century-long tradition of providing medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment means peace of mind for the thousands of patients that are cared for by the doctors and nurses at the hospital each year.




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