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Why Your Organization Needs an Employee Communications Platform

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With effective internal communication, an organization achieves more than just well-informed employees. Effective internal communication improves knowledge and skills, drives action, encourages collaboration, engages employees, and spurs decision-making. It boosts productivity levels, increases trust in leadership, and can contribute to revenue growth. There is a myriad of organizational benefits that can be linked to effective internal communication, and you will reap these benefits with an employee communications platform.

Unfortunately, many organizations have poor internal communication, according to Gallup. Research found:

  • Only 7 percent of U.S. workers strongly agree that communication is accurate, timely, and open where they work.
  • Only 13 percent of workers strongly agree that their leaders communicate effectively.
  • Communication is not great everywhere.

In fact, communication is sometimes so bad that it drives people to start looking for a new job, unlike staff who work in an organization that provides open, timely, and accurate communication. Employees in organizations with open communication are more engaged and will more likely choose to stay with the organization.

Employee communications platform

Although better communication requires various things, determining methods of communication is an important step to consider when improving internal communication. Your methods of communication will dictate how and who you reach – and, preferably, that is everyone in your organization. When determining these methods, an employee communications platform is a great place to start. An employee communications system is a software system that organizations can deploy to reach all of their employees effectively with internal communication.

employee commmunications platform

Reach every employee

Netpresenter is an employee communications platform with an omnichannel approach to communication. We take this approach for a reason. Reaching every employee in your organization with your internal communication is highly important for your organization’s success. However, nowadays, your workforce might be working anywhere: from the office, from home, on the shop floor, in a factory, or on the road every day… Today’s dispersed workforce makes reaching your entire organization more complicated.

Reaching today’s workforce requires employee communications tools that allow you to publish information and communication through multiple channels. Additionally, workforce demographics continually change, which also brings out the need for various communication channels to reach every audience group in your organization.

Reaching today’s workforce requires employee communications tools that allow you to publish information and communication through multiple channels.

Providing only one channel to spread information will not suffice any longer. Employees want to choose their preferred communication channels (wouldn’t you?) instead of being forced into consuming information from just one channel. Additionally, when you publish information via multiple channels, your message will draw your staff’s attention more than once. And we all know there is strength in repetition!

Our employee communications platform offers just that: through multiple channels, your employees remain reachable under all circumstances and wherever they are. That’s how we keep employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.

Designed for everyone

Netpresenter’s employee communications system is designed with all types of employees and workplaces in mind. Our system completely bypasses email. With the platform, you truly reach all of your employees. It informs your workforce without being intrusive. That is why it works! The messages can be published as just plain text or accompanied or replaced by images or videos. The software allows you to embed hyperlinks into your messages to direct your colleagues to additional information elsewhere: on your intranet, social media channels, or third-party sources.

Netpresenter provides various communication tools, which include:

  • Screensavers on employees’ laptops. Our screensavers transform every inactive computer screen into a dynamic and interactive communication channel to make employees aware of key messages effectively without interrupting them unnecessarily.
employee commmunications platform
  • Digital signage in public spaces like entrée halls or lunchrooms. With our digital signage solution, you quickly bring your message to your employees’ attention by using any (public) screen in your organization. Internal news, important updates, announcements, or other essential or non-essential content; the digital signage solution instantly reaches your employees, customers, and visitors with engaging and eye-catching content.
  • Employee app on mobile devices. Our Mobile app keeps your workforce connected to your organization wherever they are. It instantly increases the reach of your messages, enables social interaction, and reaches your employees in case of an emergency.
employee commmunications platform
  • Desktop alerts on employees’ computers. Instantly grab any audience’s attention with our Desktop alerts. You can deploy our desktop alerts to publish vital information in the form of desktop pop-up messages that will appear on top of any other application. They are highly visible in a format that cannot be ignored and allow you to include message acknowledgment buttons to ensure staff has read and acknowledged important information. Desktop alerts push information to any connected device instantly, which makes it a tool that will keep your employees safe with vital information in case of an emergency
  • SMS Notifications on mobile devices. SMS Notifications enable you to share information with your entire workforce or specific audience group through text messages. It is a fast, secure, and established way to communicate vital information: it works on any mobile phone, regardless of brand, age, or operating system, and allows you to reach an unlimited amount of recipients. Want to keep your employees safe during emergencies, wherever they are? Publish an SMS notification with instructions or key information. Your employees will instantly know what to do or where to go.

Our employee communications tools offer everything you need to communicate with your entire workforce, no matter what they do or who they are. Our employee communication platform consists of a wide range of powerful communication tools, unique features, and nifty integrations. Do you want to improve your internal communication with an employee communications solution? Download this handy guideline to find the right communication tools to reach your employees. Would you like some help with that? Get in touch with our consultants; they are happy to assist you and elaborate on all the powerful communication tools and seamless integrations Netpresenter offers!

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