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How to increase SharePoint adoption with Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver and Digital Signage

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The intranet: indispensable for many organizations (and internal communicators), but it can be quite the challenge, too – how do you ensure your colleagues proactively visit your intranet to read corporate news on a busy working day? We have got a great solution for this: our SharePoint integration, which brings the Intranet to your digital signage screens and corporate screensavers automatically. This way, it acts as a SharePoint ‘booster’. In this blow, we’ve collected some of our customers’ success stories and show how they increase SharePoint adoption and visits with Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver and Digital Signage.

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SharePoint and Digital Signage

To increase the number of SharePoint visits, many of our customers use our SharePoint integration. They link their intranet to their digital signage screens to keep employees without a dedicated workstation or access to a PC up to date on SharePoint news items.

At Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) 250 employees work 24/7 to process 2.35 million containers every year. To provide office staff and operational staff in the port of Rotterdam with the latest (intranet) news 24/7, too, RWG uses Netpresenter. An important issue they solve using Netpresenter: How do we reach our large group of employees who do not have their own workplace, such as our remote operators?

Niels Dekker, Public Affairs & Communication Manager at RWG, explains: “We wanted to stream the intranet, called RWGNet, on the large screens we’ve placed in our office buildings and container terminal, in order to inform our non-desk workers. But that didn’t turn out to be as simple as we had imagined it to be. Luckily, we now have Netpresenter to act as a sort of intermediary to automatically display a condensed version of our intranet on these screens.”

Niels: “Our colleagues don’t always visit RWGNet to read the latest news. Netpresenter is an extra method to share this information with our staff and encourage them to make use of the intranet.”

RWG, too, is very satisfied with the results, says Niels: “The popularity of and traffic to our intranet has increased considerably since we started using Netpresenter. We measured the increase. Intranet messages are genuinely better read. So, Netpresenter has definitely contributed to improving our internal communication.”

SharePoint and Corporate Screensaver

Customers with employees who do have access to a PC still make grateful use of our SharePoint integration, combined with our interactive Corporate Screensaver. This way, they reach all their employees with important intranet news, wherever their staff works.

1. USG increase SharePoint adoption

USG Industrial Utilities supplies crucial utilities such as gas, water, and electricity to dozens of plants at the Chemelot Chemical Plant Site in the Netherlands. USG is indispensable for the operation of the site. To keep its employees informed of essential news about their essential organization, USG chose Netpresenter Screensavers and Digital Signage. “With the screensavers, we reach about ninety percent of our staff. With our digital signage screens, we reach the remaining colleagues and our visitors,” says Helen Biermans, Communications Officer at USG.

“Netpresenter is a fast and easy way to communicate. Additionally, we have noticed that people prefer images to text. Netpresenter is a great tool for this visual communication because it forces you to write messages that you can read within a certain timeframe of seconds. Short text and visual communication, in other words. The platform is great for this,” thinks Helen.

With this visual communication, USG increased the number of intranet visitors. Helen: “We use the screens and screensaver to grab initial attention. For example, we use them to announce that our director has recorded a video message and then redirect people to the full video on the intranet. This way, the screensavers, and digital signage screens help to increase the number of intranet visitors. And I have noticed that this mix of different communication channels works best; it’s how I’ve reached the largest number of colleagues.”

2. Brooklyn HC: “Netpresenter best ROI of all tools”

The best way to improve staff morale and cohesion? Improve internal communications, according to the Brooklyn Hospital Center. Staff members are continuously kept up to date through a screensaver on 1,000 staff PCs and several large TV screens. “Of all the tools we use, Netpresenter definitely has the best ROI,” says Eric Sommer, Senior Writer & Editor at Brooklyn Hospital Center. To determine this, he looks at the time it takes to get a message out, compared to the positive effect on staff morale and staff cohesion.

But these aren’t the only positive effects Netpresenter has on the Brooklyn Hospital Center. Eric: “We use Netpresenter to tie all different media used for internal communication together. It helps, for example, to direct people to articles in the print newsletter and on our intranet. We will give colleagues a taste of what they can find there on Netpresenter. This helps drive people to our intranet and ensures they read our messages.”

“Everyone working in internal communications knows how difficult it is to get people to visit the intranet. Most employees only visit the intranet if they have a specific reason; not on a regular basis. So, I give them a reason to visit the intranet more regularly. For example: if we have an event, I take lots of pictures. I then put one picture on Netpresenter and refer staff to the intranet if they want to see more photos. All employees have to do is click on a link to see the complete message, which works very well.”

Would you like to get the same great results our customers have? Get in touch with our consultants; they will be happy to discuss how to increase SharePoint adoption and visits in your organization! Would you like to increase SharePoint adoption immediately? Download this free infographic for practical tips!

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