User Adoption Checklists

Checklist: SharePoint user adoption

The intranet is indispensable for many organizations and internal communicators. A good intranet has many advantages: it allows you to share and find knowledge, look up important information, and stay in touch with leadership. A social intranet enables you to stay connected to other employees and be a part of the conversation.

Your organization has likely invested a lot of valuable time and resources in an intranet like SharePoint to reap the fruits of these benefits. In that case, you would probably like to see your employees genuinely use your SharePoint. But where does your organization stand regarding your intranet’s user adoption rates? Use this checklist to see if your SharePoint’s user adoption must be improved.

In this checklist, we offer:

✔ Fifteen statements you can use to assess the state of your organization’s user adoption
✔ A simple scoring system that shows whether your user adoption needs to be improved
✔ Support and practical tips to improve your user adoption

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