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Netpresenter helps you reach and engage every employee. Easily connect staff – remote and onsite – to company values. Motivate and empower them with strong HR communications to build a company culture that attracts and retains top talents.

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Human resources have a crucial part to play in your organization’s success; they help harness and develop people’s qualities and improve their commitment and dedication to the organization. Netpresenter for HR connects employees to information, culture, and resources to stimulate them to become their best selves. Do you want to engage, empower, and connect your colleagues?

Netpresenter solves
your HR challenges

Keep staff connected to your organization and its purpose with informative and inspiring messaging across mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and digital signage. Netpresenter’s multichannel platform allows you to easily publish and carry out policies, listen and act on current issues within your organization, and respond quickly to changing needs.

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Reach all audience groups

Reach all audiences and generations through various tools and enable staff to consume information through their preferred channel.

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Improve policy compliance

Keep policies and measures top of mind with relevant audiences by showing them repeatedly to predefined audience groups to ensure compliance.

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Empower staff, reduce turnover

Recognize and empower staff via multiple channels. Engage, motivate, and connect employees to your mission, vision, and values to strengthen culture.

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Display SharePoint automatically

Provide intranet access to your entire workforce. Automatically display SharePoint headlines on every screen to increase intranet visits.

“When we use Netpresenter to inform staff of training opportunities, course enrollments typically jump 20 to 40 percent following Netpresenter exposure.”

Jeffrey Brooke Director of Employee Communications at GPO

Strengthen culture for all employees

With Netpresenter, connecting all of your employees to your brand and culture becomes second nature. Reach all staff – wherever they are – to build a sense of belonging. From operational communication to nice-to-know and leadership messages; deploy multiple comms channels to foster a positive, transparent, and open culture every employee loves.

Train your staff continuously

Gone are the yearly refresher courses nobody remembers a week from now. With Netpresenter, you refresh your staff’s knowledge every day! Display chunks of important training courses continuously on digital signage screens and screensavers to keep information top-of-mind. They will surely remember their training from now on!

Give your workforce
a voice

Give your employees a voice by providing a space to voice their opinions and improve your organization’s feedback loops. Netpresenter is designed with multiple features to create direct feedback opportunities. Use your employees’ feedback to form actionable results and plans to show staff their voice counts and you listen and act. 

We’re a leader in
Employee Communications

Netpresenter is awarded Leader in Employee Communications Software on G2. We are extremely proud of this recognition from our users.

“Netpresenter is a very user-friendly and very effective way of communication among large and small organizations”

Sultan Redha

“Easy Friendly Tool for communications”


“Netpresenter has become a must-have”


Customer Story

Employee satisfaction up 33 percent thanks to ‘on screen’ communication

The George Washington University Hospital has been using Netpresenter since 2007 to communicate with staff, visitors, and patients. The latest hospital and healthcare news is shown on 2,000 workstations and large screens in public areas. Just three months after the initial rollout phase, an internal survey showed employee satisfaction with hospital communication improved by 33 percent.

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about Netpresenter, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

How does Netpresenter help me strengthen my culture and boost engagement levels?

We think culture starts with connection. Netpresenter connects your entire workforce: to each other and to important and inspirational information and communication. We provide multiple nifty tools and features in one platform that give your staff a place to share and grow. Our social tools enable two-way conversations to keep employees connected. Our pulse surveys and polls provide opportunities to create surveys in minutes so you can start gathering feedback and show you’re listening to your people and value their opinions. You can target and personalize all messages and polls, so they will always be relevant to the employee receiving them. This way, you cater to individuals and meet the needs of your various departments. Our tools help you fuel a positive culture by allowing public recognition, and our integrations help everyone stay up to date with the latest intranet news and important data.

How does Netpresenter help us reach all of our target groups efficiently?

Netpresenter allows you to distribute information and communication through multiple channels, all from one Content Management System. You can easily publish messages across laptops, desktops, digital signage screens, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These channels provide multiple outputs for your messages, ensuring your employees will always get important information. Additionally, it means your employees can consume information from their preferred channel – which will add to the employee experience and make your employees love your internal communication. 

How can your platform help my organization boost a culture of compliance?

With Netpresenter, there are various ways to improve compliance in your organization.

  1. You can track employees’ general sentiment regarding compliance with our polls and pulse surveys or ask staff if they are aware of all procedures and rules. This shows how well acquainted your team is with your vital compliance information.
  2. New policies and updated procedures can be shared with everyone immediately with our attention boosters; automatic retargeting will keep sending your staff notifications and pop-ups if they haven’t read a message (and they won’t stop appearing until the message is read). You can also have them ‘acknowledge‘ that they have actually opened and read your message.
  3. Statistics in our platform’s CMS will show you who has and who hasn’t read a message yet, so you can retarget your content to make sure staff are aware of your rules and policies.
  4. Our platform also helps you provide current information and connect employees with essential updates or reference materials concerning your policies and procedures. If you have a ‘compliance’ page on your intranet, our SharePoint integration extracts the information from your intranet. It then publishes the info automatically on every screen in your organization, so the information is visible to every employee. Hyperlinks will redirect your staff to the right page to ensure they find the information they need easily.
  5. Our digital signage and corporate screensaver enable you to show important rules or policies on a loop, so employees see these repeatedly. This helps them remember the information better and will help them follow any important rules and measures.

Do I need a lot of help from my IT department to use Netpresenter?

Nope! Your IT team will have to be involved in rolling out Netpresenter when your organization first starts using it. Other than that, you will be able to use Netpresenter as a content creator without any help from your IT department. One of our colleagues from IT support will teach you how to use the platform. After that, the platform and the CMS are self-explanatory. We designed our platform to be user-friendly, as we want to provide a CMS that HR teams can use independently without needing (heavy) IT support every time they wish to spread information or publish a message.

Does your platform provide opportunities for social interaction?

Yes! Our Desktop App and Mobile App are great for social interaction. They enable employees to engage with your content and comment and react to messages. Your employees will always be connected to each other and your company news and can actively participate in conversations, no matter where they are. This helps connect, involve, and engage every employee – inside and outside your company walls.

Does your platform add anything positive to our onboarding program?

Our customers say it does! Netpresenter lets you give your new hires a warm welcome by displaying some information about them via multiple communication channels. It will make them feel welcome, and it will help break the ice in conversations with their new colleagues, as they already have some topics to discuss. Additionally, you can use our polls and pulse surveys to get new hires’ opinions on all kinds of topics, such as your onboarding program, to improve onboarding and other information for new hires. Our platform also enables you to repeatedly highlight your organization’s core values, so new hires (and current employees) will remember them better.

How do I know my colleagues read the messages I publish?

Our statistics feature will give you a great overview of how many employees are actively reading and engaging with your content. A stats report will show you, among other things, the informed and engagement ratio, the (total) number of readers, and comments and reactions, all in relation to the target audience. This can be requested for various time spans such as a week or a month. This allows content managers to measure their efforts and determine whether targets are met. 

Can I schedule my messages in advance?

Yes! You can create messages upfront and schedule them in our CMS to publish them precisely at the right time. You can choose the date, hour, and even minute in which you want your message to be scheduled as well as the exact time you want your message to be taken down. Our scheduling feature also allows you to schedule messages repeatedly at a frequency of your choice: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly – at a specific day or date or at a regular interval. For example, schedule your colleagues’ birthdays once, and they will be repeated automatically every year – no need for you to come back and reschedule them.