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Great content for digital signage: 34 ideas that draw attention

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Digital signage is a great way to immediately catch your employees’ (and visitors’) attention. However, keeping attention levels for these messages high and keeping audience groups coming back for more requires up-to-date and constantly refreshed content. Making this compelling and interesting content for digital signage can feel like a massive task. That’s why we came up with 34 ideas that draw attention. Keep reading to get inspired!

Content for digital signage that keeps employees informed

New employees
Introducing new employees through your digital signage screens has multiple benefits. First, it makes your new colleague feel welcome. A little extra information about hobbies and family provides a topic of conversation with new colleagues to break the ice. Second, it will help employees get to know their new colleague, and third, it will engage and inspire employees. Knowing the organization is recruiting top talent will make employees feel proud of themselves, their organization, and colleagues!

(Sports) events and courses
One easy way to increase course enrollments? Digital signage exposure! If employees don’t know an event or course is being organized, they will never apply or go. Make sure you highlight all your courses and events on your screens, even when they’re casual sports events such as the quarterly company soccer tournament.

Weather forecast
A great conversation starter: the weather. It is also useful for your staff; the weather forecast on a screen near the main entrance will remind your coworkers they must not forget to bring an umbrella when they go pick up lunch at their favorite restaurant during lunch break.

Need we say more? Showing traffic will help your employees decide to leave the office right now and finish work at home or work for another hour and drive home without traffic jams (and frustration).

Community or industry news
RSS feeds are the gateway to displaying any third-party content on your screens, from Wired to specialized news from your niche, such as Yahoo! Health, to keep your staff informed of the latest news in their field of expertise.

Microsoft Teams conversations
Keep everyone in the loop of public Microsoft Teams conversations by displaying them on your digital signage screens. This way, you’ll be sure everyone is informed of information in company-wide conversations. Especially useful for employees who don’t have access to Teams through a dedicated computer. Our integration automatically extracts convos from channels of your choice from Microsoft Teams to publish them on digital signage screens of choice for all (or certain) to see.

Company social media
If you put in the effort to make great messages for your social media, why not use them to bring your digital signage screens to life? Showing social media feeds will show your staff some of your marketing team’s efforts and will help to align your internal and external reputation. And with Netpresenter, it can all be extracted automatically without any effort. We see nothing but benefits!

Out-of-office schedules
Great for smaller companies or targeted for teams and departments. Showing out-of-office schedules is especially helpful during popular holiday seasons such as the summer or the year-end. It will efficiently help your employees remember who’s at work, who isn’t, and when everyone will be back again.

Lunch menus
Name one thing that makes you happier or more productive than great food. It’s always nice to know what food will be served at lunch, so keep your staff informed (and excited) about that!

Travel information
Great for (office) buildings near metro or train stations. Digital signage allows you to (automatically) display train or metro schedules, so employees and visitors will always be informed of any delays or when to leave to catch the next train.

Wayfinding just got easy with digital signage directories. Many of our customers, especially healthcare organizations, gratefully deploy their digital signage screens to help their visitors and patients find their way around clinical buildings. As they’re dynamic and updating is easy, the information will always be up-to-date and correct.

Content for digital signage that keeps employees engaged

Highlight employees’ efforts and milestones
Your employees are doing wonderful things every day! Sharing their efforts and milestones with the rest of the organization will make them feel proud of their achievements and inspire and engage other employees to put in their best effort. Win-win!

HR and benefits
Benefits messages will sure help to engage and motivate your employees. A great benefits program should not be kept a secret. Do your employees get to select their benefits every year? Make sure they are reminded of this via multiple messages on your screensavers to stop them from missing out on all the goods your company offers its staff.

Customer quotes
Motivate your employees by showing how satisfied your customers are with your products and services. It will make them feel like they are part of something positive and like they are contributing to positive changes for your customers

Joke of the week
Does this sound like a joke? It’s not! Laughing is healthy and relieves stress, which can be helpful on a busy working day. At Netpresenter, we like to share a joke or funny riddle regularly to have a casual laugh at the office. Put the riddle on one slide and the answer on the next for guaranteed success (unless you’ve got bad humor 😉).

Colleague interviews
At Netpresenter, we’ve recently started doing these, and the results have been surprising. There is so much to find out about your colleagues when you ask them basic questions like ‘what is your favorite holiday destination?’ or ‘why do you love working here?’. Put someone in charge of the interviews, conduct them, and then display a summary on your digital signage screens. Redirect your colleagues to the complete item on your intranet or mobile app. So much fun!

Quote of the week
Does your CEO (or any other colleague) regularly say motivational things? Try putting them on your screens for all to see. They might remind your staff about why they come to work every day. A little motivation never hurt anyone!

Birthdays or job anniversaries
Not everyone likes to be in the spotlight on their birthday. However, most people also don’t like to be forgotten on their birthday. Showing employees’ birthdays on your digital signage screens helps your staff remember who to congratulate when they forget to check Facebook that day (let’s be honest – who remembers birthdays by heart these days?).

(Event) photos
Photos always draw attention. Whether it’s one photo of your colleague’s new office plant or multiple photos of a big event – it’s always fun to see images of what people have been up to. So don’t let your pictures gather dust on a server but put them out in the open for people to enjoy them like the art they are.

Inspirational quotes
We could all use some inspiration from time to time, and what is more inspirational than an inspirational quote? That’s right – a lot of things. But a great quote is a great start! Display your favorite inspirational quotes on your screens to inspire your colleagues. We have used quotes by Dory from Finding Nemo (‘Just keep swimming!’) to quotes by Gandhi and Einstein. Your imagination is the limit 😊

(Cocktail) recipes
A nice way to give people inspiration on a Friday afternoon! With (employee-generated) recipes displayed on every digital signage screen on casual Friday, everyone will always have inspiration for their Saturday evening dinner parties. Additionally, cooking each other’s recipes will be a great conversation starter!

Sports news
Some love sports; some hate sports. Whichever team you are in: by displaying sports news on your screens automatically, everyone will always be up to date (and be able to participate in the sports convo at the office). We automatically display Formula 1 news on our screens, but you can choose any third-party sports news website to your liking and display the headlines on your digital signage screens.

Each year has many holidays connected to various religions and cultures. Upcoming holidays can be displayed on your screens easily to show you know what’s going on in your employees’ lives. We designed a Winter Holiday season template pack to get you started, so you don’t have to come up with a message yourself. All there’s left to do for you is display the right slide on the right date.

Content for digital signage that keeps employees productive

SharePoint or intranet article highlights
Does your organization use SharePoint? Use our SharePoint integration to increase SharePoint traffic without increasing your workload. It extracts SharePoint headlines from your SharePoint automatically without the interference of a content creator. Other intranet articles can be displayed on your screens to raise awareness of your intranet items and redirect your staff to important information.

Power BI dashboards
The same goes for Power BI. Power BI dashboards of choice can be easily extracted from Power BI and displayed on your screens automatically with our Power BI integration. This will make your data transparent and useful for everyone and can help employees realize where they can put in some effort to optimize results.

Microsoft Office Tips
I’m pretty sure I don’t know everything about Microsoft Office there is to know, and this might be the case for many of your colleagues. Useful tips and life hacks can make your staff’s working lives a lot easier. Share them on your screens weekly to teach people about Office features.

Show data from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets automatically on every screen within your organization, and keep your staff informed about the latest KPIs, statistics, schedules, and more.

(In-store) promotions
Are you offering any promotions? The best way to bring these to your customers’ attention is digital signage exposure. Display promotions or promotion codes on your screens to ensure visitors and customers are aware of your promotions and any discounts.

System outage alerts
Many of our healthcare customers use their digital signage screens to alert their staff of system outages or inform them of any planned maintenance. Sending out an alert with instructions via your digital signage screens will ensure everyone knows what’s going on with their systems and what to do if they cannot access specific systems for a while.

Content for digital signage that keeps employees safe

Days without accidents
Days without accidents will show your colleagues how well you’re doing on employee safety. It will also motivate them to add another day without accidents to the ‘scoreboard’ and will remind them to comply with your important safety measures.

Safety tips and safety measures
You can never remind your staff enough of how to stay safe when they’re at work in a dangerous environment such as a plant or a factory. Display your safety tips and measures on a loop to constantly keep them top of mind. To enhance physical safety on the work floor, we designed free Health Regulations templates and CERT templates to help organizations in keeping their staff’s safety levels high.


Discover why safety isn’t just about the gear, but awareness too! Watch Gary’s reality check and see how digital signage can enhance safety awareness in your workplace 👀👷‍♂️💡 SafetyAwareness SafetyFirst WorkplaceSafety EmployeeCommunications DigitalSignage

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Instantly grab any audience’s attention with alerts on your digital signage screens. As alerts are highly visible in a format that cannot be ignored (a flashing red border or sound for extra impact should do the trick), sending out an alert ensures your staff will notice and read important messages.

Cyber security tips
Your employees form a big threat to your cyber security: it’s easy for them to click on a suspicious link if they’re busy and distracted or leave their laptop unlocked when they go grab a coffee. Keep security top-of-mind and security levels high by constantly displaying cyber security tips and reminders on your screens. You can use our free templates or make your own messages.

Workplace wellness
Educate your employees on healthy habits and remind them to take breaks or go for a stroll by displaying workplace wellness messages. Again, we have designed a Workplace Wellness template pack with premade slides that provide your staff with simple reminders and tips to live their healthiest lives.

As you can see, digital signage is incredibly versatile, and the possibilities and use cases are endless. Would you like to get started with digital signage? This guide will help you do that! Could you use some advice? Get in touch with our consultants or schedule a free 30-minute demo; we’re happy to show you what Netpresenter can offer.

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