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How to use AI in employee communications

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been the headline of many news items lately. For good reason; the language model’s capabilities are fascinatingly good. Some think it will forever change the future – including the future of work. We’re sure it will also change the future of internal communication. Let’s take a look at how internal comms can embrace AI such as ChatGPT and how to use AI in employee communications.

AI is ‘trending’ lately, and we can see why: it can help make us more productive, more efficient, can inspire and motivate employees, and will generally make their lives easier once they understand how to use it to their advantage. But how exactly are AI and automation bringing new possibilities to the IC toolbox?

Content-writing AI crushes writer’s block

As the volume of content we consume keeps growing, internal communicators face the challenge of fighting these distractions and competing for your employees’ attention. Trying to turn employee communication, which can often be a slightly ‘dry’ subject matter, into engaging content can be quite the challenge.

It’s a challenge content-writing AI such as ChatGPT can’t completely solve for communication teams, but it can definitely assist and inspire internal communicators. Look at AI as your personal internal comms assistant and rely on it to crush your writer’s block, generate larger volumes of content quickly and efficiently, translate content effortlessly into any language and summarize it. Then edit the content to make sure it’s not unwanted or inaccurate information, and tailor it to your organization, its events, and its audiences. An AI Content Generator with a built-in chatbot writes content quickly and easily; internal communicators craft the output into the desired information your employees need.


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Now, let’s give it a try!

To create content with our AI Content Generator, you ask the AI to write content for you:

AI content generator

In this example, we’re focusing on how to keep your organization cybersecure. We’ve asked the AI Content Generator for tips that will help our employees keep our organization’s cybersecurity levels high:

AI Content generator

We’ve also asked the Content Generator to write a short introduction to our article, so employees will know why we’re sharing these tips:

Next, simply cut and paste the generated content into the Netpresenter Content Hub to create your article:

Auto-suggested images

Short on images or inspiration for accompanying visuals? AI to the rescue! Our AI Content Generator also suggests images to fit your text and enliven your content. You can be sure it will draw your staff’s attention! AI suggested images look like this in our example article:

ai suggested images

We’ve picked an image suggested by AI to accompany our article about cybersecurity. This is how it all turned out:

However, we’re not done yet! We would also love to show our article on our digital signage screens, which you can easily do from the same content management system. We’ve asked the AI Content Generator to summarize the article for our digital signage screens:

This little summary will be shown on all connected devices such as laptops, desktops, and digital signage screens, so everyone in your organization, wherever they are, get these important tips!

Automated attention campaigns

AI isn’t just here to help you generate content; it can help you schedule, publish, and retarget your communication and track your campaigns, all from one CMS onto multiple outputs such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and digital signage.

Netpresenter’s automated attention campaigns, our so-called Attention Boosters, help you reach specific targets or results. Each campaign consists of multiple attempts to reach your audience automatically with notifications or pop-ups that can’t be missed. Want people to read an important message, take a survey, or acknowledge they’ve read something? Create a campaign, schedule it, and sit back. AI will make sure it gets to the right employees and sends follow-up push notifications to retarget employees yet to view content until your goals are met.

Data-driven employee communications

As we all know, measurement matters. And AI can help you measure everything you need to know about your employee communication. By leveraging AI, organizations can gain valuable insights and analysis from their employee communication, leading to more effective communication strategies and improved outcomes.

Our statistics feature provides key statistics at a glance, such as reach, connectivity details, click-through rate, comments and likes, and user engagement. Our automated poll and survey campaigns provide data about employee sentiment, enabling organizations to identify any issues or concerns and address them in a timely manner. Automation and AI will help you explore data points to understand the cause of a spike or drop in performance with fully interactive dashboards to help you reach and engage employees with targeted communications.

There’s so much more to employee communication than bots that write articles for you. Want to know how to use AI in employee communication in your organization? Get in touch with one of our consultants; they are happy to show everything Netpresenter can offer!

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