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Netpresenter Integrates AI and OpenAI GPT Technology into its Employee Communication Platform

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Employee communication platform developer Netpresenter has integrated OpenAI GPT artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the newest “beta” version of its platform, making it easier and faster for companies to communicate with their employees.

GPT, developed by OpenAI, is a variant of the familiar ChatGPT. It allows automatic text generation, translation and summarization based on a few search terms. It also gives suggestions for images that match the generated message perfectly. GPT’s integration into the Netpresenter platform allows organizations to automatically draft and share information at the touch of a button across all possible communication channels, from company apps to digital signage screens in the office. Netpresenter, with U.S. headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, is the first employee communications platform to offer the technology.

AI as a driving force

Beyond the integration with the public beta version GPT from OpenAI, Netpresenter has added more artificial intelligence to the platform. This allows organizations to measure if the message is opened by employees, whether the information is remembered and if there is a need for more detail or repetition. The AI-based platform can analyze the data coming back from employees and tailor messages to them.

Netpresenter can also summarize and share existing content with colleagues, whether it is in Microsoft Teams or on SharePoint or the intranet. These messages are then automatically displayed on all devices and screens, such as large screens in the corridor or screensavers of computers. This functionality is particularly useful to share crucial need-to-know information with employees. In addition, the platform can be used in a wide range of crisis situations including cyberattacks, severe weather or other health and safety emergencies.

OpenAI GPT integrated employee communication

A smart communication assistant to professional communicators

Using AI technology, such as GPT, supports organizations in communicating with their employees on a daily basis. It acts like a smart communication assistant that helps with daily tasks, copywriting and transmitting crucial information. This allows companies to communicate faster, cost-effectively, and more efficiently. Whereas companies currently have to create different content for various communication channels, Netpresenter ensures that the right content automatically reaches the right people in seconds. This way, employees only get to see the information that is relevant to them at the most appropriate time.

The technology is not intended as a replacement for professional HR or corporate communications personnel. On occasion, GPT may generate incorrect or undesirable information. Therefore, it is important for company employees to not rely completely on the AI functionality and always check that written content contains the correct information.

“With the rise of hybrid working, internal communication with employees has become a strategic focal point for many organizations. Keeping colleagues well informed and involved, especially when they are working remotely, is crucial to these organizations’ existence. Efficient communication keeps the team motivated, engaged, and also safe,” said Frank Hoen, founder and CEO of Netpresenter.

“I am proud of the fact that we were the first platform in the world to make artificial intelligence concrete for organizations. By adding the very latest technology, such as GPT, we are a game-changer when it comes to employee internal communications. We have been known as a pioneer in this field for over a quarter of a century, and the new version of our platform, for which AI is the driving force, is yet another proof point that we can still live up to that position – not just in the US, but all over the world.”

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