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Avert Technology Overload with an All-In-One Solution

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Technology should make your life easier, especially at work. However, this doesn’t always seem to be the case. On the contrary: due to the growing use of technological resources, people increasingly experience technology overload at work. The solution? More technology – but it should be technology that genuinely solves your problems!

Since the coronavirus pandemic, many workers have become more dependent on technology for their day-to-day communication. Zoom fatigue is now a common problem. Technology overload, however, certainly isn’t caused by only one application. Companies use an average of 88 different applications. This large volume of different tools causes technology overload and – ironically – lower productivity levels.

Time for Change

Despite all of these technologies, many companies still don’t have a way of effectively reaching all their employees with organizational and operational communication. Reaching various audiences, such as office employees or non-desk workers, is especially complicated. However: handing out extra tools isn’t the answer; after all, you will only add to the enormous mountain of technology in your organization.

technology overload

In today’s workplace, where employees are often geographically dispersed (and, therefore, with an increasing dependence on technology for collaboration), it’s time for a different approach. Instead of constantly introducing new tools to reach new target groups, it’s important to take a critical look at these tools. Maybe, your employee communications simply need some streamlining? With an all-in-one solution, for example. One tool to rule them all!

Let Technology Work for You

Netpresenter was designed to prevent the need for different tools for multiple channels. You don’t have to manage your digital signage and mobile apps separately anymore – Netpresenter allows you to manage all your content in one content management system. Our wide range of channels finally enables you to reach your entire organization effectively: you reach your colleagues in the office, for example, with a corporate screensaver, and remote workers via Microsoft Teams. Factory workers can be reached through digital signage and field staff through a mobile app.

However, that’s not all. In our mission to decrease technology overload, we have also developed various integrations with other popular applications. For example, content from SharePoint and Power BI can be published directly into Netpresenter, which then automatically displays new content and current statistics. This way, employees no longer have to worry about finding SharePoint content and Power BI data: Netpresenter meets them with this content where they are.

Streamlined Employee Communication

All of these channels can be managed from one CMS. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is served the same content. On the contrary: thanks to our smart targeting feature, you can exactly determine who gets to see what content. This, combined with many other strong features, makes Netpresenter an ideal employee communications platform for operational communication and organizational communication.

technology overload

In short: with our platform, you streamline employee communications instead of adding yet another tool to the large pile of your organization’s technology. With our platform, employees need fewer tools to be fully informed, content creators must only manage one content management system, and IT must only deploy and manage one platform. No wonder organizations worldwide are satisfied with Netpresenter!

Are you looking for a way to streamline your employee communications and decrease technology overload? Schedule a free demo or call today. We are happy to show you what Netpresenter can do for your organization! Or download the free infographic with 9 tips on reducing workplace distractions.

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