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“Intranet more popular than ever thanks to Netpresenter”

At Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) – the world’s most automated and innovative container terminal – 250 employees work 24/7 to process 2.35 million containers every year. To provide office staff and operational staff in the port of Rotterdam with the latest intranet news items around the clock, RWG uses Netpresenter.

In RWG’s office buildings and container terminal, large TV screens inform non-desk employees of the latest intranet news items. Additionally, the Netpresenter screensaver brings the intranet to the attention of office staff. Netpresenter automatically displays a condensed version of RWGnet, RWG’s intranet, on these screens. The result? “Intranet messages genuinely are better read.”


RWG was looking for an easy way to show intranet headlines on digital signage screens in their office buildings and container terminal. Additionally, they wanted an effective method to reach a large group of non-desk employees without a dedicated workspace. RWG also wished to reach truck drivers effectively with messages about delays or unforeseen closing times.


RWG reaches office workers with a screensaver displaying the latest news on every computer, which redirects them to full news items on the intranet. Large screens in the office buildings and in the container terminal display important information extracted from the intranet automatically for non-desk employees such as truck drivers and remote operators.


The popularity of and traffic to RWG’s intranet, RWGnet, has increased considerably, which was measured. Intranet messages are genuinely better read. The latest news, terminal KPIs, and other information such as weather updates are shown to all employees: office workers and non-desk workers alike. Employees know exactly how the organization is doing, which increases their motivation.

‘You need to be able to communicate and adjust information quickly and easily. That is exactly where Netpresenter’s strength lies.’

Niels Dekker Public Affairs & Communication Manager at RWG

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Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) provides container storage and transshipment with maximum efficiency. Seamless access to Europe: seamless transit of containers from all over the world to consumers and businesses in Europe. And vice versa.

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