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Netpresenter has an immediate feel good effect on the Brooklyn Hospital Center

The best way to improve staff morale and cohesion? “Improve internal communications”, according to The Brooklyn Hospital Center. In 2009, the hospital did just that by implementing Netpresenter software. Now, staff members are continuously kept up-to-date through a screensaver on 1,000 staff PCs and several large TV screens.

Not all personnel working at The Brooklyn Hospital Center has a computer at home and not all staff members use a computer at the hospital. Therefore some staff members rely on the TV screens for relevant news.


Further improve staff moral and staff cohesion. Keep personnel continuously well-informed.


Use 1,000 staff PCs and dozens of large TV screens to keep staff informed; Messages targeted to the recipient; Bring to the spotlight when a team does something noteworthy, ensuring teams feel appreciated.


Netpresenter has really had a huge effect on improving employee satisfaction and moral and build a sense of community; All different media used for internal communication now enhance each other. Netpresenter helps, for example, drive traffic to the intranet; It takes very little time to create a message;

‘Netpresenter definitely has the best ROI of all the tools we use’

Eric Sommer Senior writer & editor at The Brooklyn Hospital Center

About the Brooklyn Hospital Center

The Brooklyn Hospital Center started treating patients in 1847. Nowadays it services 1.2 million people in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. The hospital has 2,900 employees.

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Number of employees

1.001 - 5.000