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Make your internal communication content fun! This is how Netpresenter can help

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With our communication platform, you can keep employees well-informed, no matter where they work. Important announcements, management updates, and crucial KPIs are shared instantly, so everyone can do their job. It enables you to reach everyone immediately in case of urgent situations, such as a cyber attack or technical malfunction. However, naturally, internal communication doesn’t always have to be serious business. Especially if your coworkers don’t see each other very often, it is important to keep your employee communication fun!

Not only is nice-to-know information fun to share, but it also reinforces your need-to-know messages. If you constantly flood people with serious messages and never mix it up with some fun content, your colleagues will be less likely to read messages in your corporate app or on your digital signage screens. There’s a reason that the best-read sections on news websites are often the sports or showbiz section. With fun content, you attract people and draw their attention, which, in turn, makes them also read the more important messages.


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Examples of fun content

Netpresenter provides you with everything you need to easily distribute fun content within your organization. In no time and with little effort, you can share someone’s vacation pictures, share the casual Friday lunch menu, or post a message about your colleague’s new baby or about their brand new marriage. Fun content can also be about your new employees. Introducing them through various communication channels can be fun and useful: everyone will know who their new colleague is, and the new colleague will feel welcome.

Fun content internal communication

But fun content can be so much more, depending on what you and your colleagues are willing to share. This is some of the fun content our clients regularly share:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Special or funny achievements
  • Employee of the month
  • Colleague in the spothlight
  • Quotes
  • Jokes
  • Sports news and game results
  • Weather and traffic
  • External news from news sites

We even have ready-made templates for some of the examples above, so your fun content will look fun, too!

Start the interaction!

Your content will really become fun when you make good use of the various interaction options. In the Desktop App and Mobile App, colleagues can comment on messages, or give the thumbs up. You could, for example, stimulate interaction with some fun facts or organize a small quiz where colleagues can leave a comment to see how well your colleagues know their coworkers and the organization.

To enhance your fun content, you could use our polls feature. Use a poll to let people vote when they would like to meet up with their team, what they would like to drink at the next corporate drinks, or which of their colleagues’ recipes they thought was the most successful (which gives you the opportunity to ask for their own recipes that you can share in the future!).

With our targeting features, you can decide wether you want to reach your entire organization or only specific people for certain messages on a smaller scale. This feature enables you to have colleagues from the same department vote on an activity for their next team event, while you send more general fun facts to everyone.

Fun content internal communication

Create a connection, no matter where people are

Fun content will always be a nice change from all the serious business communication. However, it becomes extra important when your employees work from home or remotely a lot. In these cases, employees miss out on a lot of small, social interactions. Water cooler chat or joint lunches are often moments employees share moments of their personal lives, giving each other some insights into the person behind the colleague. In hybrid organizations, digital interaction has to make up for these moments.

Or customer Smurfit Kappa has also noticed this. They have started using Netpresenter more and more to keep their employees engaged. “When you’re working from home, you miss a lot of these little social moments with your coworkers. These messages on our screens still keep us informed of what is going on,” says Arjen Warners, Application Manager at Smurfit Kappa.

Fun content pays off in the hybrid organization, Warners thinks. “Because we publish information on our employees’ laptops, colleagues who don’t visit our office buildings every day still get a feeling of connection.” In this way, fun content isn’t just fun: it also helps to keep employee engagement high.

Benefits of a strong organizational culture

If all of that hasn’t convinced you enough of fun content’s importance, consider that it can also contribute to a strong and positive organizational culture. A strong organizational culture has many benefits. 65 percent of employees say that culture is one of the main reasons they stay with their organization. For more than half of the employees, culture is even more important than salary! So, let’s get going with fun content to contribute to a positive organizational culture and a better employee experience!

Do you need some inspiration? Get in touch with our consultants to see how you can use Netpresenter for more fun content. Or download the free infographic which explains why organizational culture is important.

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