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Netpresenter Digital Signage is more than just big screens. We provide you with a robust, corporate Digital Signage solution to publish internal news, announcements, important updates, and other eye-catching content on every screen available.

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With Netpresenter you create your own corporate TV channel that allows you to reach employees quickly and easily. Publish company news or alert messages on every screen within your organization to effectively inform everyone. With our Digital Signage solution, you quickly bring your message to the attention of your employees by using any (public) screen in the office.

Explore our
powerful features

Our Digital Signage solution is developed with unique, specific features to raise its efficiency in conducting your messages. To achieve the true omnichannel effect, our complete suite has even more to offer. Visit our feature page for a complete overview of all features that help you keep your employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.


Reach More People

Instantly reach your employees, customers and visitors with digital signs and (public) displays.


Grab Attention

Create and display eye-catching content to grab and maintain your audience’s attention immediately.


Dynamic content

Design, manage & broadcast your content in any shape or form - easily connect to existing data sources such as SharePoint.



Centrally manage 1 screen or 1000s, remotely, and globally with just a few clicks.

“We love using our digital signage: our presentations are to the point, engaging and appealing. We are able to communicate better messages quicker to our patients and visitors.”

Olena Scarboro Director of Marketing at CEENTA

Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Digital Signage solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What hardware or screens do you recommend?

Download our guide ’How to get started with digital signage’ for tips on choosing the right hardware and optimal screen sizes.

What are the system requirements of your Digital Signage solution?

Visit our support center to download the system requirements and other tech sheets.

Is it possible to display different content per screen?

Definitely! You can target specific content to an individual screen or group of screens. By defining separate channels (e.g. reception, office or canteen) you can easily share different content on different screens.

Do you also have tips for Digital Signage content?

Of course we do! Download our free infographic ’14 clever ideas to use digital signage for’ with smart ways to use Digital Signage.

Do you use templates? If yes, which templates do you have?

Yes, Netpresenter uses templates to display content (in your own corporate identity) on any screen. Check out our template guide for an overview of all the templates we offer.

Do you also offer screens or other hardware?

No. Netpresenter is completely software oriented.