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Desktop Digital Signage: turn PCs into Digital Signage Screens 

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In recent years, digital signage has gained popularity as a way for organizations to communicate with their employees in a visually engaging way. Office lobbies, break rooms, and other high-traffic areas often have digital signage displays that give employees access to the most recent company news, announcements, and important information. What if you could offer that identical experience to each workstation, desktop, and laptop in your organization with Desktop Digital Signage? 

Companies should make sure that staff members are always aware of the most recent corporate news, updates, and announcements, regardless of where they are. By extending digital signage to individual workstations, desktops, and laptops. This is crucial in the hybrid workplace of today, where employees may work remotely or from home. 

This can help to enhance the overall communication strategy of an organization and create a more dynamic workplace environment. This also means that organizations can display digital signage on hundreds or thousands of computer screens, extending their reach to remote employees who work from home. Desktop Digital Signage is a perfect solution for enterprise organizations worldwide with many employees working remotely. 

The benefits of Desktop Digital Signage 

Desktop Digital Signage can be used to show dynamic content, creating an engaging and interactive work environment. Employee engagement can grow with the use of interactive content like polls, surveys, and acknowledgments. Organizations can increase their overall productivity and employee happiness by creating a more enjoyable work environment. 

Having digital signage available on workstations, desktops, and laptops also has the benefit of promoting company culture and values. By displaying messages that promote company goals and objectives, employees can be informed about the organization’s mission and vision. Even when they are not physically present in the same place, this can encourage a sense of community and engagement among employees. 

Desktop Digital Signage is also environmentally friendly and can improve communication and engagement within a company on a budget. Using existing hardware allows businesses to reduce the total cost of ownership of hardware by avoiding the need to invest in new infrastructure or equipment. This can be particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to buy and implement a full-scale Digital Signage system. Deploying Desktop Digital Signage is easy and straightforward on your own IT infrastructure, resulting in faster and more cost-effective deployment.  

How Desktop Digital Signage works

How Desktop Digital Signage works 

The secret behind Desktop Digital Signage lies in Netpresenter’s Corporate Screensaver, which transforms every company PC into an interactive and dynamic digital signage display. 

By leveraging the power of Corporate Screensavers, Netpresenter allows organizations to repurpose idle computer screens as effective communication tools. When employees take breaks or step away from their workstations momentarily, the screensaver automatically activates, showcasing relevant company news, updates, and other interactive content. This approach ensures that vital information reaches all team members, keeping them informed and engaged. 

With just a few clicks, you can design your message and instantly publish it to every TV or PC screen within your organization. Alternatively, you can choose to display separate content for each channel, providing greater flexibility and control over the information shared. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with confidential company information that should only be accessible to employees. 

Another major advantage of Desktop Digital Signage over traditional digital signage is its interactive nature. Employees can actively engage with the content by clicking on hyperlinks, voting in polls, accessing additional information, or navigating through slides at their own pace. This interactivity fosters a more dynamic and connected work environment. 

Desktop Digital Signage at VCU Health 

A good example of the power of Desktop Digital Signage in practice is how VCU Health is reaching their employees via interactives messages on all their PCs. VCU Health displays crucial warning messages on 7,000 screensavers. “Netpresenter is the ideal vehicle to make sure that the message reaches everybody, including those without access to a computer, for instance in clinical areas” says Jennifer Murphy, Safety First Coordinator at VCU Health. Additionally. when disaster strikes, alert messages appear that overlap employees’ PC screens and create a potentially life-saving message that simply cannot be ignored.  

In conclusion, companies looking to improve communication and engagement among their employees may find several benefits in extending digital signage to workstations, desktops, and laptops. With the use of Desktop Digital Signage, organizations can utilize their existing hardware and easily transform every computer screen into effective communication channels. This can help to improve productivity, reinforce company culture, keep costs low, and foster a sense of community and engagement across the organization.  

Curious about all the possibilities Desktop Digital Signage has to offer? Schedule a free 30-minute demo with one of our consultants to discover the power of this solution. Or download the free infographic 10 reasons your company needs a corporate screensaver.

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