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Increase Your SharePoint Adoption with Netpresenter

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SharePoint is one of the most popular and extensively used enterprise applications worldwide. With 200 million active monthly users and utilized by 80% of Fortune 500 companies, it holds a 75% market share in the Content Collaboration segment, according to Gitnux. Given its significance, organizations invest heavily in successful rollout and employee adoption. To optimize these investments and enhance adoption, it is essential to ensure that SharePoint content is highly visible. Although SharePoint functions perfectly as a single source of information, promoting content is still a challenge. Luckily, there are strategies to further increase its visibility and boost user adoption across your organization.

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SharePoint Adoption Improvement Strategies

Let’s enhance the visibility and adoption of your SharePoint. Having invested considerable time and resources into developing valuable content, it’s crucial to put a spotlight on SharePoint and ensure the content gets the attention it deserves, thereby naturally enhancing user adoption. Here are two key strategies to accomplish this:

  1. Actively deliver content to your employees: If SharePoint is primarily used as a static platform requiring employees to seek out information (pull communication), keep in mind that many lack the time or motivation to engage regularly. By using tools that proactively deliver SharePoint content directly to your employees (push communication), you can significantly enhance both visibility and adoption. This method is critical not only for content like urgent company news, important information, and compliance notices but also for all other types of content.
  2. Ensure content reaches everyone: Expand the distribution of information beyond SharePoint’s standard reach to ensure accessibility for all employees. By adopting solutions that display content on various screens, you can include every employee, even those without regular computer access or a Microsoft account, such as non-desk workers. This approach greatly improves content visibility and boosts SharePoint user adoption throughout the organization.
Push Communication vs Pull Communication

Integrate SharePoint with Netpresenter

Integrating SharePoint with Netpresenter allows you to put these strategies into action. This integration facilitates the active display of SharePoint content across multiple channels, ensuring it reaches all your employees effortlessly. The benefits of this integration include:

  1. Efficient content delivery: Our integration enhances efficiency by automatically generating and disseminating SharePoint content across all digital platforms, including TV screens, PCs, and mobile devices. There’s no extra effort required on your part. Continue using SharePoint as usual and watch as updates are seamlessly broadcasted.
  2. Visually appealing presentation: Typically, SharePoint content may appear plain, often comprising just an image and text. However, through ready-to-use templates, company branding, and dynamic elements like large photos, a highlighted text from the article, date and time, and an RSS ticker, this integration transforms plain content into visually engaging content. Enhanced visual communication significantly increases employee engagement with the content compared to standard SharePoint articles.
  3. Maximum content visibility: By making content accessible across a wide range of devices throughout your organization—including TVs (Digital Signage), PCs (Corporate Screensaver), and mobile phones (Employee App)—this integration ensures that all employees, including those away from desks, can easily access information. This shift from pull to push communication keeps everyone informed with the latest SharePoint updates, leading to maximum visibility and enhanced user adoption.
  4. Enhanced SharePoint engagement: The heightened visibility and visually appealing presentation of your content increase the likelihood that employees will engage with what’s displayed on SharePoint. Interactive features like click-through call-to-action buttons and QR codes on all screens make accessing SharePoint for more information easy for everyone, resulting in increased views and traffic and, thus, higher engagement and adoption rates.
Texas A&M AgriLife - Netpresenter Digital Signate

Activating SharePoint at Texas A&M AgriLife

At Texas A&M AgriLife, effectively informing students and employees has been a major challenge. Through Netpresenter Digital Signage, they now efficiently share SharePoint content with their 6000 students and 5000 employees. “By integrating SharePoint news and events, we’ve successfully reached all our sites. Digital Signage serves as an extension of our SharePoint platform, offering an effective channel to engage our employees. It’s been a monumental improvement, greatly amplifying our outreach efforts across the board.” – Alan Kurk, CIO at Texas A&M AgriLife.

Read the entire success story and discover how Texas A&M AgriLife boosted their SharePoint adoption.

Get the Most Out of Your SharePoint Adoption

The Netpresenter integration doesn’t replace SharePoint; it enhances it. As a valuable add-on, it maximizes the effectiveness of your intranet by boosting SharePoint visibility and adoption. This is achieved by actively delivering content to all employees in a visually appealing manner, requiring no extra effort. Are you ready to achieve maximum visibility and adoption for your SharePoint?

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