Augusta Housing Authority uses Netpresenter to give employees and visitors constant reminders

In 2018, Augusta Housing Authority (AHA) in Georgia started transitioning from print to digital communication. Now, an interactive screensaver on all workstations keeps its employees informed of the latest news, while visitors receive helpful reminders via a large TV screen in the main lobby.

“We had a lot of information that we would hand out”, says Angela Wilson, Management information at AHA. “This information is now communicated using Netpresenter, which saves us a tremendous amount of paper, ink and time.”

“The main thing that we are using Netpresenter for is to get reminders out. Not only to our employees, but to our visitors as well. We have some cybersecurity default slides, for example. These slides are being rotated continuously on employees’ computer screens when their computers are idle. Even though staff should already know not to click on certain links, these slides are perfect to remind them of the things they might not necessarily think about when they receive a suspicious looking email”, Wilson explains.

“However, we also use the screensaver to remind staff members of less pressing matters, such as new employees, events and lunches. For instance, there were a lot of people that had totally forgotten about the recent time change. Our fall back slide immediately prompted them “oh yeah the time is changing”. Which is great, because that is the ultimate proof that these constant reminders do work.”

“Netpresenter saves us a tremendous amount of paper, ink and time”

Reinforcement of visitor information

“As far as the TV goes, which is inside our main lobby, we are using this as a reinforcement of the documentation visitors have already received. We recently became a smoke free development. Even though this is clearly stated in the paperwork, most people don’t know when they are coming into housing that you cannot smoke on the property. Therefore, we included a video in our Netpresenter presentation which explains that we are a smoke free development and you can’t smoke within 25ft of our property. Some people might not catch it in their paperwork. With the help of Netpresenter, we bring the same information directly to their attention.”

As easy as writing an email

“Employees love Netpresenter. I love Netpresenter. It gives us the ability to get information out there quickly. It is as easy as writing an email. Just add a title, text, image or video and you are done. I also like that we can make slides as needed for our different departments. We have about 7 departments, which all get a different set of slides. If there is a director that likes to remind their staff of A B and C, with Netpresenter they have that constant reminder of what is going on at their own department.”

Simple to get up and going

“From the IT side, Netpresenter does not take up a lot of resources. Some software exhausts your memory or your processing speed, this software does not do that at all. It is so simple to get up and going”, Wilson concludes.

About Augusta Housing Authority

Augusta Housing Authority – like other Housing Authorities across the nation – is an Independent Corporation authorized by enabling Federal Legislation and created in accordance with the Housing Authorities Law of the State of Georgia. It operates under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Augusta Housing Authority improves housing opportunities for low and moderate income families in the Augusta area.