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Why You Should Display Power BI Data on TV Screens

Power BI makes bringing your data together in one place incredibly easy. However, while Power BI is great for drilling down and slicing data to better represent relations, key metrics, and hierarchies, employees must actually have access to the data and see them on a regular basis to benefit from them in their daily work. This is one of the reasons why you should display Power BI data on TV Screens in your organization. Read on for more reasons to display Power BI data on TV Screens:

  1. Power BI makes it incredibly easy to bring your data together in one place. For even greater accessibility and visibility you should show it on specific screens.
    Combine data from different departments and sources, making it more valuable.
  2. Anyone can deploy Microsoft Power BI and add data to it, but that data will not let the organization thrive by itself.
    Business owners or senior management need to make decisions based on business insights and key performance indicators and should not leave data unused.
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