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Data from Microsoft Power BI accessible to everyone within Hoenderdaal

Hoenderdaal Fasteners, Dutch importer and wholesaler in the field of fastening technology, was looking for a convenient way to make Power BI data transparent for their staff. They now share their KPIs with all departments by using Netpresenter.

Hoenderdaal Fasteners is using Power BI to zoom in on the details of various processes. Power BI gives them valuable insights in business processes and makes data visually appealing. By now using Digital Signage as well, the departments can always see how the company is performing by just looking at the screens.


Hoenderdaal Fasterens is using Power BI to get insights into their business processes, but struggled with making the data widely available to all employees. They were looking for a way to create transparency and keep everyone informed, including non-desk employees.


Thanks to digital signage, the departments now have a good idea of how they and the company are performing just by looking at the screens. This kind of transparency was exactly what the company was looking for.


Thanks to the real-time access to valuable data, employees can now anticipate the figures and work proactively. Employees are very enthusiastic about the fact they can now view the Power BI dashboards without having to search for the information.

‘Our employees are very happy that the dashboards are live and visible in every department, […] they no longer have to search for data.’

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Tristan Hoogmoed IT support employee at Hoenderdaal Fasteners

About Hoenderdaal Fasteners

Hoenderdaal Fasteners is a Dutch importer and wholesaler in the field of fastening technology. The family business has been around for more than 50 years and is located in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. It has a wide range of fasteners in stock and thus delivers daily to their customers in the construction, industrial and DIY sectors.


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