Corporate Screensaver

Corporate Screensavers are a highly effective way to reach every single employee in your organization, a great way to reduce corporate SPAM and make everyone aware of your corporate communications with non intrusive messages. The repetitive strength ensures your corporate news & alerts reaches everyone without interrupting people from their daily work. Keep them in the know of what really matters!

Remember Vital News

Gentle repetition ensures that employees notice AND remember vital news and need-to-know information

Inspire & Alert

Inspire colleagues with the latest news & alerts within minutes, in a format that motivates

SharePoint Integration

Easily redistribute existing SharePoint content on every corporate PC saving time, money and effort


Target your messages to specific groups – e.g. departments, locations or offices worldwide


Schedule playback based on time, day-of-week, month and year, or with certain time-intervals

Additional Features
  • No information overload, but inspiring and interactive messages with hyperlinks linking to applications or documents
  • Pop-up functionality for urgent messages or alerts on every screen
  • Integrate with your existing SharePoint, Intranet, or CMS and display headlines, hyperlinks, pages or frequently used documents
  • Make your employees’ desktops interactive and get their attention when they are not involved to work
  • Broadcast audio, (live streaming) video, pictures, alerts, YouTube, Flash, PowerPoint, newsfeeds and webpages
  • High impact repetition makes sure your staff remember your vital news and information
  • Easy-to-use and easily managed by content managers and IT-staff
  • Publish interactive and dynamic content, such as external feeds (RSS/ XML), KPI’s, production & sales figures, charts, business goals, housekeeping and IT news etc.
  • Tickertape functionality to display headlines from any RSS-feed for instance SharePoint, Exchange, news websites, blogs etc.
  • Display images and (streaming) video in all major formats, such as WMV, AVI & MPG, YouTube and Flash
Technical Details
  • Thin Client and Windows OS support (view tech specs)
  • Silent remote updates with auto resume to guarantee uninterrupted playback
  • Supports system settings for energy saving
  • Designed to run on existing corporate infrastructure
  • Low CPU/ network bandwidth usage due to minimal local cache
  • Smooth playback with dozens of transitions/wipes
  • Presentation scaled to fit screen resolution automatically
  • Use of multiple groups and possibility to personalize content
  • Auto restart functionality
  • Software works on existing network and easy to install (e.g. as MSI package)
  • Personalize content via LDAP, Active Directory or IP
  • Software uses existing file, FTP or web server
  • Security: encryption (HTTPS) and anti-sabotage (hash key)
  • Long-distance management and configuration possible
  • Intelligent, self-tidying buffer (cache) that ensures your presentation is always active, even when the network connection is disrupted

  Compatible with Windows OS and thin client  Download Productsheet

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