Attention Everyone!

Don’t let distractions keep people away from your core message. Accomplish more by managing the attention of employees, customers & citizens.

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Gently inform when you can

Gentle repetition. Massive reach. Crucial for your business success.

Alert when you must

Being able to instantly alert & notify can make all the difference.

Eliminate distractions

The alternative for costly, time-consuming memos and emails.

Mix and match any of the software tools below to fit your communication needs


Corporate Screensaver

Massive reach of your core messages. Turn every office PC into a Digital Sign. No disctractions through gentle repetition


Digital Signage

Share content from Screensaver or App. Use existing hardware and infrastructure. No distractions through gentle repetition


News & Alert App

Enterprise-strength News App for internal use. Encryption, Push Notifications & Alerts. Fully customizable


Text & Push Notifications

For employee alerts or mass notifications. Supports email, text messages, social and push notifications


Desktop Alerts

Instantly display alerts on every PC. Not stopped by pop-up blockers


SharePoint Connector

Display SharePoint headlines & alerts on PC, TV and App. Increase intranet visits.

Want to learn more?

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Key Benefits

Improve Performance

Increase productivity and reach your goals by managing attention

Engage Employees

People want to feel engaged. Inspire them and boost their productivity

Alerting & Crowd Control

Inform, notify and alert targeted audiences with one push of a button

Eliminate Information Overload

Manage the attention of people and share only need-to-know information

Social Interaction

Gather feedback, start conversations and share important knowledge

Redistribute Existing Content

Save time and money - integrate with existing intranet or external sources