Attention Everyone!

Don’t let distractions keep people away from your core message. Accomplish more by managing the attention of employees, customers & citizens.

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Improve Corporate Communications

Grabbing the attention of your employees anytime, anywhere, on any device is one of the biggest challenges organizations face these days. Netpresenter offers an integrated solution for instant performance improvement.

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Alert & Notify Employees

Alert & notify every single person in your organization with one push of a button. Send notifications to keep everyone informed about need-to-know information and instantly respond in case of unexpected calamities like fire, water floods or hurricane’s.

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Mass Notifications & Citizen Alerts

Instantly inform, notify & alert citizens by grabbing their attention. Reach millions in minutes at the push of one button and disseminate a true media bomb. Use Netpresenter’s integrated solution to inform citizens on a calamity, crisis or crime and to control crowds.

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Key Benefits

Improve Performance

Increase productivity and reach your goals by managing attention

Engage Employees

People want to feel engaged. Inspire them and boost their productivity

Choose Your Device

Display your messages on PC, TV, smartphones, tablets and more

Alerting & Crowd Control

Inform, notify and alert targeted audiences with one push of a button


Communicate your core message to the right audience - wherever they are

Grab & Maintain Attention

Inspire everyone with the latest news stories in a format that motivates

Eliminate Information Overload

Manage the attention of people and share only need-to-know information

Social Interaction

Gather feedback, start conversations and share important knowledge

Redistribute Existing Content

Save time and money - integrate with existing intranet or external sources