Hertel reaches employees anytime and anywhere with a unique mix of communication channels

By bringing news to employees through various communication channels, you increase the chance everyone gets to see the information. Hertel started from this principle when, nine years ago, they selected Netpresenter as its future ‘communication backbone’. The software was rolled out nationwide in early 2017 after a successful trial in the South of the Netherlands. Nowadays, almost 700 employees of the industrial service provider are reached day and night through Netpresenter’s unique mix of communication channels.

‘What persuaded me, is that Netpresenter enables us to very quickly offer our news to everyone in multimedia format. That way, we can optimally reach every target group’, says Jasmijn Stolk, Manager Marketing & Communication at Hertel Netherlands. ‘Messages that are published using Netpresenter, immediately appear on company computers as screensavers, on all large TV screens and on mobile devices in our Hertel app.’

24/7 communication flow

The app, especially, appears to be vital for Hertel’s internal communication strategy. ‘Most of our employees work on location at our costumers’ sites’, Stolk explains. ‘If you only offer news via TV screens, there’s a big chance that these employees won’t see the news. With the app, they can orientate themselves anytime and anywhere. That’s the beauty of this communication channel, it can be looked into 24/7. Even in the event of bad weather or an incident, for example, you can quickly inform everyone about that via the app by sending out a push notification. So we use Netpresenter, not only to quickly and easily share the latest company news, but also crucial information with our employees.

“Netpresenter enables us to very quickly offer our news to everyone in multimedia format.”

Prevent any incident

Crucial information is also shared and repeated on a daily basis through the other communication channels. ‘Safety is paramount in all our business activities’, Stolk explains. ‘We want to prevent any incident. Therefore, we continuously repeat safety messages with Netpresenter. Our ‘life saving rules’, our nine basic safety rules, are also repeatedly brought to the attention of our employees through Netpresenter. This repetition ensures the message sticks.’

‘A prime example: At an early stage, one of our assistant project leaders spotted leftover material lying around where it shouldn’t have been. Thanks to these lifesaving rules, she knew what to do and was able to prevent work from having to be halted. She even received a safety award for it!’

Easy to handle

´The great thing about a communication platform like this in an industry like ours, is that you can automate a lot. Thus, you can quickly offer real time content to your employees. External parties are often called in for this. Sometimes, entire departments are deployed for this purpose. But with Netpresenter, that isn’t necessary at all. Netpresenter makes it very easy to offer news to your employees through various channels’, Stolk concludes.

About Hertel Netherlands

Hertel is a full-service maintenance partner for industrial clients principally for the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food, Offshore and Energy industries. The company has been part of the Altrad Group since 2015. Hertel offers its clients industrial services via Access Solutions, Insulation, Themography, Tracing, Painting and specialist services such as asbestos removal and fire protection.