Non-Desk Employees Guides

How to communicate effectively with non-desk employees

When you think of a workplace, you soon think of an office where employees spend a large part of the day behind a desk. Yet by far the majority of working people do not sit at a desk at all. No less than 80% of the working population consists of ‘deskless’ employees. These are factory employees, cleaners and drivers, but also teachers, doctors, shop assistants and hospital employees. Worldwide, all these professions account for 2.7 billion employees.

If you want to reach all employees within a company, you have to think outside the box. 99% of technological solutions are focused on office workers, despite the fact that they are numerically in the minority.

In this guide, we:

✔ Explain the differences between non-desk and desk workers
✔ Describe how to communicate effectively with non-desk employees
✔ Help you choose a good communication platform

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