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The Importance of Effective Communication in Industrial Environments

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If you start communication with your staff in industrial environments, keep in mind that there are three things which are important in their work: effectiveness, productivity and efficiency. Your way of communicating is key to workplace productivity and efficiency, especially within industrial organizations. Netpresenter can help you to create the best corporate communication possible.

Here are three reasons why good communication is not a need, but a must:

1. Safety

One of the primary reasons for quality communication is the overall safety of your employees. Particularly, in industrial workforces, where an incident can be just around the corner. Besides digital screens, you can also think of an alerting system. With our Mobile App you can easily send out a notification to inform your personnel. For instance, when there is a fire, a machine suddenly stops working or even worse, when a colleague is injured. With just the push of a button, an alert is being sent to every connected TV, desktop or mobile device.

Communication Industrial Environments

2. Clarity

Successful communication is needed in industrial environments to forge through conflict and reach goals. But it isn’t always an easy task to get everybody in your organization on the same page. That is why clarity in your communication is essential, especially in industrial organizations where it is hard to quickly reach everyone. Make sure you have future-proof communication tools. Digital signage screens which display important information, for instance, are an easy but effective way to reach every employee. Including the ones working in the production hall.

3. Execution

As an employer, you have probably experienced it yourself: the frustration of attempted and failed communication with your staff. We noticed with our customers, especially the ones who are active in the industrial sector, that there are certain things which are essential to execute your corporate communication properly:
– A perfectly working Intranet
– Screens on essential places
– Attractive and relevant content
– Information that’s up to date
– Alerting system for emergencies
– Not only send, but also receive

Communication Industrial Environments

If you combine and connect these factors, you can regularly keep your staff up to date and warn them in case of an emergency. Besides, your Intranet will become more popular and your employees will feel more engaged. And don’t forget: keep it short and only ‘interrupt’ them with important and crucial information, because they’re always busy ????

So, what are you waiting for? Start communicating with your staff right away! Want more information? Feel free to contact us or request a free demo today. Or download our free guide on how to communicate with non-deskworkers.

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Youri Cortenraad

Youri is a connector at heart and soul. He deeply understands why organizations are eager to connect with their employees and knows the best ways to do so. He enjoys using his knowledge to help organizations strengthen their relationships with employees through effective internal communication.