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Activating SharePoint at Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas A&M AgriLife was looking for an effective Digital Signage solution that seamlessly integrated with their SharePoint intranet. They use Netpresenter Digital Signage to inform about 6000 students and two-thirds of 5000 employees, spread across many sites throughout Texas.

At Texas A&M AgriLife, effectively informing students and employees has been a major challenge. Through Netpresenter Digital Signage, they now efficiently share SharePoint content, create manual content, and issue mass alerts via a custom integration. As such, they effectively reach 6,000 students and two-thirds of their 5,000 employees. Plans are in motion to extend Digital Signage to more sites, and potentially expand to the Employee App and Desktop Screensaver.


“We realized we were using a rudimentary form of digital signage. Staff had to manually update screens with a recurring PowerPoint via thumb drives. It became evident that this approach was ineffective; oftentimes, the content was severely outdated, rendering our efforts futile. Approximately a month into our SharePoint implementation, I woke up one morning with a thought: What if there was a digital signage solution that seamlessly integrated with SharePoint to automatically distribute news onto screens?”


Texas A&M now utilizes Netpresenter Digital Signage on TV screens. This involves activating SharePoint content, creating custom content in the Netpresenter CMS, and sending alerts through a custom Netpresenter integration with their “CodeMaroon” alerting system. “Ninety percent of our department’s communications are channeled through the SharePoint integration. We’ve moved away from email entirely as the initial source of communications. By accessing SharePoint, we craft and disseminate news stories to over 50 digital signage sites instantaneously, without any additional effort.”


“By integrating SharePoint news and events, we’ve successfully reached all our sites. Digital Signage serves as an extension of our SharePoint platform, offering an effective channel to engage our employees. It’s been a monumental improvement, greatly amplifying our outreach efforts across the board. The ability for my Marketing team to streamline communication efforts by creating news and events within SharePoint, seamlessly disseminated across various platforms, is immensely efficient.”

“Digital Signage serves as an extension of our SharePoint platform, offering an effective channel to engage our employees. It’s been a monumental improvement.”

Alan Kurk Chief Information Officer at Texas A&M AgriLife

About Texas A&M AgriLife

As the largest comprehensive agriculture program nationally, Texas A&M AgriLife brings together a college and four state agencies focused on agriculture and life sciences within The Texas A&M University System. With 5,000 employees and a presence in every county across the state, Texas A&M AgriLife is uniquely positioned to improve lives, environments, and the Texas economy through education, research, extension, and service.

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