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A sweet collaboration in corporate communication at Perfetti van Melle

The sweet smell of candy immediately puts a smile on your face when you enter Perfetti van Melle’s factory. In the plant, which produces popular candy such as Fruitella, Mentos, Smint and Chupa Chups, thousands of sweets are made daily.

Six years ago, Netpresenter and Perfetti van Melle met each other. Lieke van Aalten, Corporate Communications Manager at Perfetti van Melle, immediately knew she had found the perfect solution to the corporate communication problems the factory was facing.


Bring internal news and important information to the attention of all employees, especially the production staff.


Screens which display corporate screensavers with the latest company news. Several large screens are placed in the coffee corners and the canteen of the production area.


All employees are better informed and Sharepoint popularity has increased considerably. Therefore, the employees are feeling, and getting, more involved with the company.

‘I instantly knew that digital signage would be THE solution to the corporate communication problems we were dealing with.’

lieke van aalten
Lieke van Aalten Corporate Communications Manager at Perfetti van Melle

About Perfetti van Melle

Perfetti van Melle is an international company which produces and sells sweets and gums like Chupa Chups, Mentos and Smint. The story of this family business begins in 1900 in the Dutch village Breskens. In 2001 Van Melle merged with the Italian Perfetti and a few years later, the Spanish Chupa Chups joined. Nowadays, the candy manufacturer has more than 17.000 employees working at 31 locations worldwide. Perfetti van Melle produces over one hundred million pounds of sweets.


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