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Why Digital Signage Alone no Longer Enables You to Reach all Employees

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Digital signage has always been a great way to reach your employees. With a few screens at strategic positions throughout the office, you can reach your entire office staff. Your employees will walk by those screens on their way to the coffee machine or their next meeting. Everyone will automatically see the latest company news. At least, that’s how it used to be. Nowadays, many employees will drink their coffee at home, while those meetings take place via Teams or Zoom. So how do you reach your employees from now on? We have the solution for you.

First, let’s be clear: digital signage is still a handy and popular communication tool. After all, more and more companies are transitioning into a hybrid workplace, which means many employees are still present in the office (for at least a few days a week). According to Gartner, no less than 82% of companies allow employees to work remotely sometimes – or plan to do so in the near future.

Additionally, there are plenty of professions for which working from home isn’t even an option. From factory workers in warehouses to nurses in hospitals: many professionals have dedicated workplaces where they still work every day. Your familiar digital signage screens can stay right where they are!

Hybrid Employee Communication

However, how do you reach your office workers when they work from home instead of at the office? Hybrid working requires hybrid employee communication. Digital signage alone, unfortunately, no longer enables you to reach all employees. Luckily, there are channels that can achieve the same impact at people’s home offices.

digital signage at home

For example, with our corporate screensaver, you can turn everyone’s laptop into a digital signage screen at home. Like digital signage, we designed our corporate screensaver to inform people without disturbing them in any way during their work. The screensaver will only appear when the employees’ laptop is idle. For example, when they have to answer the door or grab a cup of coffee – precisely the kind of moments they would walk past a digital signage screen when at the office. It’s digital signage for remote workers!

If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, our convenient integration allows you to publish your messages directly into Teams. Microsoft Teams is especially popular among those that work remotely to chat and collaborate with their colleagues, wherever they are. If you publish a message on Microsoft Teams, it will automatically come to the attention of colleagues working from home.

One central platform

We understand you’re not looking for extra tools that need maintaining or extra work due to multiple platforms in which you would create messages. Thankfully, that is not an issue at all. Netpresenter offers one integrated platform, including digital signage, corporate screensavers, and Microsoft Teams. Our entire platform consists of even more helpful communication tools, such as an app for mobile devices and lock screens for workstations.

digital signage at home

With Netpresenter, you must only manage one platform – and thus, you only need to create your messages once. The message then automatically appears on all channels of your choice. You will immediately reach everyone in the office via digital signage. At the same time, colleagues working at home will see the same message via the screensaver of their laptop or directly in Microsoft Teams.

Do you have any messages that are only relevant to a specific audience? For example, a general announcement for everyone present at the office at that moment? Our smart targeting feature will help you reach only the right employees. It is even possible to show different content on every screen. Our communication platform is just as flexible as your organization!

Want to know more about how you can best reach your employees? Download our free guide to find the right communication tools. Or contact us to see what Netpresenter can do for your organization!

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