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Corporate Wallpaper for Internal Communication: Challenges and Benefits

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A digital background used in a company’s internal communication channels is called a corporate wallpaper. These wallpapers are intended to transmit crucial information, spread brand awareness, and reinforce corporate culture. Effective internal communication is essential for fostering employee engagement, boosting productivity, and achieving business objectives in a corporate setting. In this blog, we’ll look at the advantages of adopting a corporate wallpaper for internal communication and offer advice on creating one that works well.

What is a Corporate Wallpaper?

As mentioned in the introduction, a corporate wallpaper is a digital background used in the company’s internal communication channels. A corporate wallpaper is intended to strengthen company culture and increase brand awareness. To help strengthen brand identity, it’s crucial to ensure a company’s corporate wallpaper is consistent with its branding and messaging.

Why Use a Corporate Wallpaper for Internal Communication?

Using a corporate wallpaper for internal communications has several advantages. The following advantages exist for a corporate wallpaper to enhance internal communication:

  1. By giving employees vital information and reminders in a visually appealing fashion, it promotes greater employee engagement. A corporate wallpaper can assist in boosting engagement and productivity by presenting information to staff memorably and appealingly. This is especially true when implementing interactive corporate screensavers or digital signage that attracts employees’ attention while communicating useful information.
  2. Consistently displaying a company’s identity and messaging throughout the workplace can also help to improve employer branding.
  3. Using a corporate wallpaper consistently throughout internal communication channels can provide a sense of unity and continuity, reinforcing the company’s beliefs and objectives. This can foster a sense of purpose among employees and help to build a cohesive company culture.
  4. A corporate wallpaper might be an inexpensive approach to reaching out to staff members. It is easy to maintain and update after it has been designed and put into practice. When compared to developing and distributing other internal communication channels, this can save time and resources.

A corporate wallpaper can be a useful tool for enhancing internal communication in various corporate contexts by giving a sense of consistency, encouraging engagement and productivity, and saving time and resources. 

How to Deploy an Effective Corporate Wallpaper for Internal Communication

The objectives and goals of communication must be carefully considered while developing a successful corporate wallpaper. The following are some guidelines for deploying a successful corporate wallpaper:

  1. Before developing a corporate wallpaper, deciding what message and objectives you want to achieve is crucial.
  2. Using the right images and messaging is essential to communicate the intended message effectively. It’s important to ensure the graphics and messaging align with the business’s branding and messaging.
  3. To be effective, a corporate wallpaper must be consistent. To strengthen brand identity, it’s crucial to ensure the wallpaper is consistent with the company’s branding and messaging.
  4. It’s essential to consider standard practices while creating and adopting corporate wallpaper, including image size, resolution, and file type.
  5. Setting up a Corporate Wallpaper for your organization can be done with Netpresenter. It creates images of the slides created in the Netpresenter platform at the resolution of the (primary) display and writes them to a designated folder. It attempts to change your desktop background settings to ‘SlideShow’ using the images in the folder as its source. This causes Windows to rotate all images in this folder to the Corporate Wallpaper.

Overcoming the Challenges of a Corporate Wallpaper

Although a corporate wallpaper can be a useful tool for internal communication, businesses might encounter several typical difficulties. These include an outdated message, a lack of employee engagement, non-interactive images, and inconsistent branding. A corporate wallpaper is a nice addition to other employee communication tools a company has to draw extra attention to key messages. Companies should ensure that the messaging is current and pertinent and that the wallpaper is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the company’s logo to overcome these difficulties.

Successful Implementation of a Corporate Wallpaper

Several businesses have effectively used a corporate wallpaper to promote internal communication. Most businesses have been successful because they have increased the number of employee communication tools they use to connect with their staff and strengthen their brand identity successfully. Our employee communication platform also provides an interactive corporate screensaver, digital signage, and an employee app to create the true omnichannel effect.

Thus, a corporate wallpaper is a useful internal communication tool

It helps boost brand recognition, reinforce company culture, and increase staff engagement. It takes careful consideration of communication objectives and goals, relevant images and content, proper branding, consistency, and industry best practices for creating and deploying the wallpaper to create an effective corporate wallpaper. Businesses that successfully deploy a corporate wallpaper can overcome challenges while effectively communicating with their employees to meet their objectives. To get even more out of your employee communication, we suggest you use an omnichannel employee communication platform. Want to see the Corporate Wallpaper in action? During a free 30-minute demo, we can show you everything that this tool or our full employee communication platform has to offer. Or download the free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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