Whether they are working from home, from the office, or on-site – reaching your employees with relevant and effective internal communications wherever they are requires a direct line to every employee.

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Your employees are your organization’s most important asset – but they can only be productive and contribute to the full extent of their talent and abilities if they are continually informed, engaged, and safe. Today’s workforce needs a real-time source of information to be successful in their work. Are you ready to bridge the information gap with internal communication?

Connect employees, cultivate communities

Provide your workforce with a modern, digital communication experience. Build two-way relationships to create a community that includes all employees: at the office, in the field, at the home office – wherever they are. Share information and messages that are relevant, engaging, and appealing.


Reach every employee

Desk or non-desk - make your internal comms more accessible for all employees. Get your message to everyone, no matter where they work.

Employee connections

Reduce the silos

Take the first step towards an aligned workforce by enhancing the information flow of cross-departmental comms within your organization.

target employees

Target and personalize

Approach your audience with relevant and noteworthy messages - personalized and targeted content for the highest impact.

employee connections

Build a connection

Transcend your organization's hierarchy: give your employees a voice by enabling and encouraging interaction and sharing.

Reduce the work,
raise the reach

Create your content once and distribute it to multiple sources with our omnichannel platform. Allow every employee in your organization, from wherever they may be working, to consume information through their preferred communication channel: smartphone, PC, or digital signage.

Make internal comms find your employees

It is up to internal communications to find your employees. Empower your employees with the right information at the right time, without them ever having to search for it again. Enable them to focus on what is most important: their job. 

Guide: 10 Internal Communications Challenges and How to Solve Them

With the right tools, addressing the most common challenges can be easy. An omnichannel employee communications platform may be the solution to your challenges.

Seamless integrations
with other applications

Keep employees informed with content from other applications and sources, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Power BI, as well as social media channels and up-to-date traffic information – all automatically.

Track your performance and measure the impact

Find out exactly how many of your employees are engaging with your internal communication with our statistics feature. Gather valuable feedback on what content fits to your workforce’s needs and what formats work best with real-time reports that can determine future strategy.

Some of our amazing customers

Customer Story

Hundreds of PC-screens as instant displays

Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC), the provider of smart science solutions™, uses 300 PC screens and 11 flat-panel monitors to continuously keep employees up to date on the latest internal news and to inform visitors.

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