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12 Digital Signage Tips to Make Your Digital Signage a Great Success

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Digital signage is a glance medium. It’s a communication channel that people often only see fleetingly; while they’re walking to a meeting, for example. This means information on your digital signage screens has seconds to get noticed and absorbed. But how many seconds? And what is the ideal amount of slides for your presentations? How do you draw your target audience’s attention? We have listed a number of digital signage tips for you to make your digital signage a great success.

1. Slide duration

Since digital signage screens aren’t static, the message must be conveyed in a matter of seconds. Messages should be short enough to be conveyed in about ten to twenty seconds, which is an ideal slide duration as well. If your message is a bit more elaborate, you can better break it down into a number of different slides. Slides with more text will be too cluttered and will only prevent that your message comes across well, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Keep content up to date

Digital signage is a great way to grab your employees’ attention instantly. However, keeping attention levels for these messages high and keeping audience groups coming back for more requires up-to-date and constantly refreshed content. Keep your content up to date by replacing old content with new content regularly and show slides for about three to five days. In need of some more content ideas? Check this blog, in which we’ve collected 34 ideas for good digital signage content.

3. Use dynamic content

The great thing about digital signage screens is that they’re always digital screens. In comparison to posters or other static media, you can use them tho show GIFs or videos. Good news, because our eyes are drawn to motion automatically, so a screen with moving images is bound to draw your attention. That’s why digital signage screens get four hundred percent more views than static screens – they’re attractive because they are dynamic.

Make your content extra attractive by using this great feature. Our content management system allows you to import GIFs directly from Giphy into your slides. It’s also super easy to upload videos our select a video from the internet. Plenty of options to use dynamic content!

4. Pay attention to the number of slides

Don’t put too many slides in your digital signage presentation. With a shorter presentation, there are higher chances that your target audience will actually see your messages. Digital signage is, after all, a glance medium. The more slides you add to your presentation, the more chance there is that your employees will keep missing some messages, even if they pass by your screens several times a day. That’s why we recommend digital signage presentations of 10 to 15 slides.

Do you need more digital signage tips to make your digital signage a great success? Download our infographic to get eight more tips that help you make the most of your digital signage solution. Would you like to get started right now? Get in touch with our consultants to schedule a free 30-minute demo: they will gladly show you all that Netpresenter has to offer!

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