Educational Solutions

Information is what education is all about. Keep students and personnel posted on practical information, such as time tables, regulations, opening hours and campus news. Outside of everyday communication, colleges and universities are also responsible for keeping students and faculty safe. Instantly alert all, providing detailed evacuation instructions, using any medium you like in case of an emergency.

Campus-Wide Alerting

Instantly convey emergency messages by using customized alerts based on proximity, severity, and type of incident

Digital Signpost

Use screens as a digital signpost and help your staff and students to find their way through a maze with tons of information

Easily Reach Students

Catch the distracted eyes of students by displaying relevant information on every PC and TV-screen throughout the campus

Share Campus News

Grab your audience’s attention by spreading campus news on every available screen, in every building, on every location

Navigation Tool

Help students and visitors navigate the campus with the use of an effective way finding system displayed on public screens

Additional Achievements
  • Remind students by spotlighting important deadlines, e.g. course subscriptions, thesis end dates, schedule for the next semester
  • Information can be segmented and published to the area of campus where it is most applicable, such as the library, cafeteria, lobby, etc.
  • A simple and clear wayfinding solution that gets anyone from point A to point B no matter which age or culture they are
  • Important announcements such as facility issues, special schedules, or emergency messaging can be immediately and simultaneously posted to every location
  • Increase on-campus safety and enhance emergency preparedness among faculty, teachers, students, visitors etc.
  • A flexible, inexpensive and easy to maintain solution, that can be managed in house by your own maintenance staff
  • Increase participation in campus events by announcing them on every available screen throughout the campus
  • Keep everyone well informed – Pre-scheduled messages keep content up-to-date automatically
  • In less extreme situations, this type of immediate notification capability can be beneficial for facility issues, weather delays, class rescheduling or event cancellation
  • Avoid double input – Automatically broadcast news items and headlines from your existing School Intranet (e.g SharePoint)

"With Netpresenter we have a digital signage solution that is always up-to-date. Not only timetable changes are displayed, but also the weekly agenda and other information, for instance important events like information evenings, school excursions or other recurring activities"

Jan Vrijland, the deputy headmaster of Bernardinus High School

"I honestly have to say that I was very glad with the results. We were surprised to see that our staff used Netpresenter intensively, even after this short period of time. In addition 80% of the employees said they felt more informed"

Ed van Rijswijk, head of Marketing and Communications at the College of Utrecht

"The internal communication with our employees and students has certainly improved. That was the primary reason to install Netpresenter on all student and employee computers"

Ed van Rijswijk, head of Marketing and Communications at the College of Utrecht

"Everyone is very enthusiastic about Netpresenter; students as well as employees are asking for new screens or to have Netpresenter installed on their PCs ever more often. If your target audience is asking for the system you are implementing, you really have reached your goal"

Roel Dik, functional application manager Netpresenter at TU Delft

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