Employers are obliged to create a safe working environment. It is in everyone’s interest. Internal communication plays a key role in keeping everyone vigilant and building a culture of safety in the workplace.

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A safe working environment is crucial to reduce costs and even save lives. A small mistake can have large consequences. It can be challenging to keep everyone informed, especially clients, visitors, or even new hires and temps. Are you fully equipped to promote workplace safety and keep all employees safe?

Go the extra mile

With regulatory compliance, you already made sure you meet the minimum requirements to keep employees safe. But why stop there?


Not enough awareness

Because they work there every day, employees might underestimate the risks of their own workplace.


Audible alarms provide little context

Not everyone will know what to do when an alarm goes off.

safety knowledge

Safety knowledge fades away

Without repetition, knowledge about safety regulations or first aid will fade away.


Regulations are unknown for some

New hires, temps, guests, or clients; not everyone on site might be aware of all current regulations, making safety compliance a challenge.

Enhance alarms
with real-time info

Loud alarms are great to catch everyone’s attention but provide no explanation of what is going on and what people should do. Use real-time, company-wide communication through a large variety of screens and devices to inform everyone on the spot what is going on and what they should to.

Reach everyone
you need to

With a wide array of channels and screens at your disposal, including large digital signage screens, screensavers and mobile phones, you are able to reach everyone you need to keep safe. Whether they are sitting behind a desk in the office, driving a forklift truck, or just visiting your site. Everyone will be informed, and everyone will be safe.


Repeat the most important CERT-knowledge for your staff members on a regular basis. This way, they will always have the latest knowledge, even in between the annual CERT training.

Send out safety
messages to employees

When regulations are changed or adjusted, inform everyone simultaneously by sending out the important information to everyone’s workstation and personal device, or use digital signage screens to reach non-desk workers. You can even use push notifications when time is of the essence.

Promote safety compliance

Workplace safety is more than being able to respond in case of emergency. Promote safe behavior day in, day out. Repeating safety tips and regulations over and over again is the best way to make the information actually stick and improving people’s daily conduct. Ensure safety compliance and create a culture of safeness!

Customer Story

VCU’s unique Performance Improvement approach

By feeding their employees positive stories about safety initiatives and error prevention, through Netpresenter driven screensavers, VCU is creating a work environment that is more safety aware and that rewards original initiatives in the field of safety and error prevention.