The increase in cyber attacks means cybersecurity is on top of the agenda for organizations around the world. To improve cybersecurity, many organizations turn to technical solutions. Yet to truly strengthen cybersecurity, you need to create a human firewall of resilient employees.

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Even with the best IT security, you cannot rule out a cyber attack. The vast majority of incidents involve human error. A click on a malicious link, an unsafe password, or a postponed update: a small misstep can have severe consequences for the entire organization. What other measures can organizations take to improve the resilience of their employees?

The importance of
the human firewall

Even the best lock is useless if someone forgets to close the door. The same goes for cybersecurity: IT solutions can only do so much. In the end, humans are often the weakest link.


Not enough awareness

Employees are often not aware of the risks of unsafe passwords and clicking on links in phishing emails.

insufficient knowledge

Insufficient knowledge

Not all employees know about the different risks that exist and how their actions can affect the entire organization.


Underestimating the risks

“Why would they target me? I’m not important,” employees might think. The truth is hackers don’t target individuals; they target everyone until they find a weak spot.

incident response plan

No adequate Cyber Incident Response Plan

Without the means to act fast, many organizations fail to repel or contain a cyber attack.

cybersecurity compliance

Inadequate cybersecurity compliance

When employees are not aware of current regulations, your cybersecurity compliance might be at risk.

Create a human firewall
of risk-aware employees

Vigilant employees are the first line of defense. Continuously point out the risks, raise awareness, and arm them with the knowledge to protect themselves and, ultimately, the organization.

Continuous learning to
battle an ongoing threat

Cybercrime is constantly evolving. Share new knowledge and insights immediately with every employee, and keep repeating the information so no one will miss or forget the information. With a mix of different output channels, you make each and everyone within the organization more resilient.

Checklist Cybersecurity

To help organizations improve their digital security, we have created a checklist. Examine this checklist with your IT administrator to make sure your organization keeps risks to a minimum.

Activate company-wide
response plans instantly

Under attack? Send out an alert with just one click of a button to immediately inform everyone in the organization. Prepare messages in advance to inform all stakeholders. This way you will not waste time if you need to act quickly.

Ensure cybersecurity compliance

Make sure all staff knows how to meet crucial cybersecurity compliance requirements. Gently repeat the most important laws and industry regulations and use the same communication platform to quickly enact a contingency plan when you need to.


Customer Story

Augusta Housing Authority created a human firewall

Augusta Housing Authority rotates cybersecurity slides continuously on employees’ computer screens when their computers are idle. Even though staff should already know not to click on certain links, these slides are perfect for reminding them of the things they might not necessarily think about when they receive a suspicious-looking email.

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Some questions
already answered

To flesh out some information about our Cybersecurity solution, we have already answered some questions you might possibly have. If your question is not listed, we would love to hear from you!

What is cybersecurity awareness?

Most incidents involve human error. Cyber security awareness refers to how much employees know about cyber security threats, the risks they introduce, and best practices to guide their behavior. In the end, humans are often the weakest link. So, to truly strengthen cybersecurity, you must create a human firewall of resilient employees.

Why is cyber awareness important?

Most incidents involve human error. Preventing IT security breaches begins with educating your employees on recognizing the signs of malicious attacks.

How to raise cybersecurity awareness amongst employees?

The best way to make employees aware of phishing emails’ characteristics and risks to your organization is through continuous training on what to watch to avoid a cyber-attack on their organization. This can be done by displaying small pieces of information on digital signage screens in busy areas of your building, your company app, or your employees’ screensavers or wallpapers.