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Expand the reach of Workplace from Facebook with Netpresenter

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As hybrid work is getting increasingly popular, companies require new collaboration solutions. Workplace from Facebook is one of these solutions that has seen huge growth recently. The platform is now used by over seven million users, making Workplace from Facebook the central hub for collaboration for more and more companies. But not everyone has the opportunity to keep an eye on Workplace at all times. So how do you make Workplace a truly integral part of your employee communication? Well, by seamlessly connecting with Netpresenter, of course! 

Workplace: beneficial but not for everyone

Workplace is packed with features, including a news feed, knowledge library, and, of course, chats with colleagues. ‘Groups’ is an essential tool for operational communication. These group chats are perfect for keeping everyone in a team on the same page or keeping track of a specific project. 

However, with so many things going on, it can be challenging to keep track of what is happening, especially if employees have little time to check out Workplace actively due to the nature of their work. Production workers, drivers, nurses, and other non-desk employees who are constantly physically on the go don’t have the opportunity to keep an eye on Workplace all the time or may not even have an account for Workplace. Our integration was designed to solve this problem.

Workplace from Facebook

Important messages from Workplace on every screen

The integration allows you to automatically display the latest updates from selected Groups on every screen in your organization, including all digital signage screens. Digital signage is perfect for reaching non-desk employees quickly and effectively. After all, digital signage screens are usually placed strategically, so employees automatically see them as they walk by. 

Everyone will see at a glance what is happening within Workplace. All while having lunch, walking to the coffee machine, or even on their way to the next customer or patient. Employees automatically see the latest messages that are relevant to them, including comments by their colleagues. They don’t have to take place behind a PC or even take their phone out of their pocket. News will come to them automatically!

But our platform doesn’t stop at digital signage, and neither does our integration with Workplace from Facebook. Employees who spend a lot of time behind a PC, whether at the office or home, get the latest news via the screensaver or desktop player. When they grab a coffee or come back from their break, the most important highlights and reactions from colleagues appear on their screen automatically. It means everyone stays informed, no matter how often they look at Workplace. They don’t even need a Workplace account. With our integration, you extend the reach of Workplace and get more out of it!

Workplace from Facebook

One-time setup

Perhaps the best news is that the integration only requires a one-time setup. After that, everything works ‘automagically’. All we need is an access token and a list of Group(s) you want to display on your screens. We connect to the Graph API and set everything up as you wish. We also create a custom template with your organization’s branding, including the logo and corporate colors. After that, you can lean back while your employees immediately see the most recent messages and comments, all beautifully displayed in your branding!

Would you like to see our integration with Workplace from Facebook in action? Feel free to contact us or book a free demo! Curious about our other integrations? Check out our integrations with SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, and more. Or download the free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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Linda van Oppen

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