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4 Reasons to Display Social Media on Digital Signage

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Social media is popular. Hootsuite Research estimates that 4.2 billion people worldwide use it daily. Time to display your social media on digital signage? We think so! Let’s look at 4 reasons to incorporate your social media into your digital signage.

Whatever reason you have to display your social media on digital signage, our social media integration will make it easy. It automatically detracts your social media posts and displays the latest posts from your corporate Facebook or Twitter account, keeping your staff updated about the latest and greatest from your corporate channels. Now, let’s see why you should display your socials on every screen in your organization:

1. Cost-effective content

Keep your digital signage fresh by automatically detracting posts from your social channels and displaying them on your digital signage screens. Make your content once and post it twice. Once the effort, double the fun!

2. Visually attractive messages

Social media content usually consists of an image, video, and a (short) caption. Images and videos typically get more engagement than straight text. Additionally, employees prefer visual communication. Younger employees, especially, are used to communicating visually on social media. Research shows they prefer being able to consume information in the workplace in a similar manner. Bringing your social media to your digsig screens will especially enthuse your younger colleagues.

3. Increase followers

Some of your colleagues probably already follow your organization’s social media channels. However, it’s unlikely all your staff does. By ensuring your socials are clearly visible on all digital signage screens, your social media will be brought to your employees’ attention, which may result in a higher following count. The same goes for visitors: they may see your social media on your screens while waiting for their appointment and can be inspired to follow your organization on social media to keep up with the latest updates.

4. Increase interaction

This is especially beneficial for organizations that regularly receive visitors and customers. Sharing social media posts on digital signage increases interaction and boosts engagement with the organization and the brand. For example, 91 percent of customers who follow brands on social media visit the brand’s website or application, and 89 percent buy from the brand. Displaying your social channels can be lucrative if the right person sees your posts!

Do you want to start incorporating your social media into your digital signage? Get in touch with one of our consultants; they are happy to show you how it can be done for your organization in a free 30-minute demo. Or download our free infographic with 10 reasons why your organization needs a digital signage solution.

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