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Corporate Communication and the Power of Employees

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In today’s competitive business world, where genuine connections matter more than ever, the way an organization shares its story can either capture hearts or get lost in the noise. Genuine conversations with employees, filled with empathy and understanding, are the essence of building deep connections with your clients. So, who are the souls passionately sharing these narratives? Look no further than dedicated employees. Dive into this article to recognize the personal imprint they add to corporate communication, grasp the relationship between corporate communication and corporate identity, and discover how theories from experts such as Birkigt & Stadler can elevate your stories using platforms like Netpresenter.

What is Corporate Communication?

Corporate communication is the most important thing for an organization, putting up actions that create a clear and positive image for stakeholders, both internally and externally. Where an organization communicates and show how they live down their core values and uniqueness to the wider audience. It’s more than just a promotional tactic; it’s a genuine reflection of the corporate identity. It deepens the connection between the organization and its stakeholders. This not only reinforces the organization’s image but also boosts the collective morale and drive of its team.

What do you achieve with Corporate Communication?

Corporate communication is about how the market views and interprets your organization. It’s your way to unveil your unique offerings. Essentially, it revolves around promoting clarity, establishing trust, and creating bonds with your stakeholders. Aspiring for a commanding corporate identity and a firm foothold in the industry? It’s rooted in corporate communication. While such communication narrates the tales, corporate identity reflects the true essence of an organization, shaped by the actions of its employees and the prevailing organizational ethos. The pivotal inquiry then becomes: is there alignment between your external portrayal and your internal operations? Genuine trustworthiness and authenticity? This can be realized by valuing your team and nurturing an organizational culture of unity and belonging.

The Importance of Employees in Corporate Communication

In today’s dynamic business world, employees form the heart and soul of an organization, representing the essence of corporate identity. Fostering employee engagement is crucial as it bridges the gap between individual goals and organizational vision. You already have these dedicated individuals, so why not leverage their full potential? They’re not just employees; they represent your organization’s values and messages. A strong employer brand appeals to top talent, and who better than your current employees to keep this brand vibrant and genuine? When they truly connect with the organization’s mission, their positive influence is noticeable both internally and externally.

Corporate Identity according to Birkigt & Stadler

Corporate identity is more than a term; it’s a reflection of its organizational culture. Based on what Birkigt & Stadler have said, it’s like each organization has its own distinct fingerprint made up of consistent traits that set it apart from the rest. It covers the whole spectrum, from an organization’s values, norms, dreams, and goals, to how it expresses its identity to its own people and the outside world. Corporate identity not only influences how an organization communicates with stakeholders but also how employees communicate among themselves and relate to the organization.

It’s the driving force behind all communication initiatives and forms the foundation upon which an organization builds its relationships with all stakeholders.

Corporate communication helps in shaping an organization’s ‘corporate identity’, a sentiment echoed by the renowned Dutch organizational theorist, Cees Van Riel. In other words, the signals given by behavior, communication, and symbolism.

The model of Birkigt & Stadler provides clarity on corporate identity, highlighting three main aspects: visual, communicative, and behavioral.

  • Visually, employees are often the first thing people associate with a brand – whether it’s handing out a business card, presenting at conferences, or simply wearing business attire.
  • In terms of communication, employees are the ‘face’ and voice of the organization. Every interaction, whether with customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders, directly reflects the organization’s identity.
  • And in terms of behavior, this is where the true power of identity lies. Employees are the ones living out and sharing the heart and soul of our organization’s beliefs and standards. It’s a no-brainer then, to cherish this identity and give a big shoutout to those who make it real each day.
Corporate Identity according to Birkigt & Stadler

Create a Distinctive Corporate Identity

In a world where businesses fight for attention, a unique identity makes the difference. However, this identity doesn’t only emerge through external communication like billboards and TV commercials. What truly matters is internal communication with daily interactions and shared values among employees. When employees genuinely believe in the organization’s mission and vision, it shines through. Their pride and dedication can attract potential customers and preserve existing customers. Just as with any employer branding blog, it’s your employees that can determine the success or failure of your business. Their role in corporate communication cannot be ignored. Employees are more than just resources. They are the core of the organization.

Corporate Communication through Netpresenter

In the world of corporate communication, it’s crucial to have the right tools and communication software. Netpresenter stands out as a powerful employee communication platform that aids organizations in streamlining internal communication while maintaining a unique ‘Corporate Identity’. Every organization is unique, comprising a mix of various departments and talents. With this diversity, a single message through one channel often isn’t enough. Netpresenter allows organizations to implement tailor-made communication strategies through an employee communication platform. From a single central point, you can effectively reach everyone. Wondering which channel works best for whom? Netpresenter has the answer for you. Download our guide: ‘ Find the right communication tools –

To sum it up, how an organization is perceived by its stakeholders really comes down to how well they communicate, and it’s the employees who are at the heart of this, showing off the organization’s true colors, values, and dreams. Birkigt & Stadler have talked about how important it is for an organization to have a clear identity, from its looks to its words and actions.

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