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5 ways digital signage improves your internal communication

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Your employees are flooded with enormous amounts of information daily. Getting their attention long enough to interrupt this flow of information is quite a challenge – a challenge for which digital signage can be a very effective solution. This blog lists 5 ways digital signage improves your internal communication.

1. Digital Signage draws the attention

Digital signage attracts attention. Our eyes are drawn to motion automatically, so a screen with moving images is bound to draw your attention. That’s why digital signage screens get 400% more views than static screens – they’re attractive because they are dynamic.

In addition, your screens grab the attention with vibrant colors, eye-catching images and graphics, and large headlines. All of these factors combined make your digital signage screens a lot more interesting to your employees than one of those posters on a plastered whiteboard. On top of that, a message that is appealing to the eyes will be remembered better. Research has shown that the recall rate of digital signage is 83%!

2. No distractions

What do your smartphone and your laptop have in common? You can use them for an endless amount of purposes. Programs and possibilities are countless. Because of this, however, the distractions are, too. Digital signage, on the other hand, is a communication channel that doesn’t need to share its screen space with other content. Your digital signage screens only show what you want them to show, making digital signage the ideal channel for conveying important information.

Besides that, digital signage is also a channel that allows you to reach your employees in places where traditional communication channels would not. For example, when they are waiting for an elevator, eating in the cafeteria, or walking through a lobby. Put up large screens with eye-catching content in crowded locations within your buildings – preferably places where your employees pass by when they aren’t focussing on their work. That way, your message will be noticed faster and remembered better. Why? You communicate with your team when they have the time and headspace to receive a message.

3. One screen for many employees

Do you have a message for your entire staff? Maybe you would usually choose to convey that message to everyone via a company-wide e-mail. However, these e-mails regularly end up in your employees’ inboxes, buried underneath the other e-mails your employees receive. Moreover, according to Glassdoor research, some employees ignore company e-mail altogether. So how does that message get to everyone anyway?

You guessed it: via your digital signage screens. In theory, a message on your screens could be shown to an endless number of employees, as they are usually placed in public locations that many employees pass regularly. This way, you can be sure that your message reaches everyone – in real-time because content can easily be adjusted and kept up-to-date via a CMS.

4. You genuinely reach everyone

Companies with non-desk employees can probably attest to this: your non-desk employees are usually on the move during a workday, whether they work in a factory, a hospital, a store, a hotel, or on a construction site. This lack of a dedicated workspace where you can easily reach them can complicate conveying important information to your staff. On top of this, many of your non-desk employees may not have access to a laptop with an intranet or company e-mail.

An effective and efficient alternative is digital signage. Put up screens in locations that many of your non-desk employees regularly pass to ensure that your employees are exposed to all the important information you display. For example, our customers mounted their screens on walls in canteens, production terminals, or near the main entrance.

5. More intranet visitors

Many employees are often too busy to put an intranet visit at the top of their to-do list. That’s a shame as there’s usually a lot of useful and important information to be found there. Therefore, don’t just put intranet news on your intranet, but also on your digital signage screens – they are excellent signs for your intranet. This way, employees will see the intranet news more often (and automatically). If they see relevant news on your digital signage screens, they will be more inclined to visit the intranet. This is how you easily and efficiently increase traffic to your intranet and ensure that everyone stays up to date on important information.

With our nifty SharePoint integration, you publish SharePoint content automatically on your screens. Do you publish it on your SharePoint? Then it’s on your digital signage, too. There’s no need to put it on your screens manually. This means no extra workload – but your reach is immediately much larger. We can’t see any cons!

We think these 5 ways digital signage improves your internal communication apply to every organization. Did we convince you to start using digital signage? Check out this guide to get started with digital signage or these 12 tips to make digital signage a big hit. Would you like to combine your digital signage screens with other effective communication channels? Get in touch with our consultants; they will be happy to discuss how you can communicate efficiently with all your employees.

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