Desktop Alerts

Instantly grab any audience’s attention with the use of Netpresenter’s Desktop Alerts. Broadcast breaking news – e.g. emergency alerts or important employee updates – to any location at any time. Directly send vital information to your staff in the form of desktop pop-up messages that will appear on top of any other application. With Desktop Alerts your messages will never be missed or not read!


What if you need to reach your employees right away? In this video, we show you 3 situations in which desktop alerts can make your life a bit easier.

100% visibility

Urgent desktop alerts will appear on top of screensavers and other full-screen applications – guaranteed 100% delivery


Reach all, regardless of their location or network. Target alert messages to locations, individuals, groups, roles

Urgent Messaging

Share important crisis messages, compliance communication, CEO messages, SharePoint alerts, outage notifications etc.


Send Desktop Alerts on a scheduled date and time. Plan ahead your activities and announcements


Include message acknowledgement buttons to ensure staff have read and acknowledged important messages

Additional Features
  • Immediate full display of urgent messages and options to cut through screensavers, locked screens and power saving mode
  • Add video, Flash, images and HTML content and even live streams to your Windows OS desktop alerts (view tech specs)
  • Schedule and announce IT related updates e.g. server maintenance, downtime or outages
  • Reach all your employees without using email – get your vital news, SharePoint alerts, announcements etc. across within seconds
  • With one simple push of a button your whole organization can be notified via all desktops when unexpected events occur
  • An internal messaging and notification system that allows a central administrator to send out desktop alerts
  • Multilingual user interface enables you to instantly spread emergency messages during stressful events
  • Highly visible alerts in a format that cannot be ignored – add a flashing red border, alarm or spoken message for extra impact
  • Desktop Alerts cannot be blocked or stopped by pop-up killers or users, meaning messages can’t be ignored, set aside, or deleted
  • Provide your staff with information and instructions about what to do. This keeps them prepared for the ‘unpreparable’
  • This solution was developed for 24/7 usage, also for large multinationals
Technical Details
  • Thin Client and Windows OS support (view tech specs)
  • Silent remote updates with auto resume to guarantee uninterrupted playback
  • Supports system settings for energy saving
  • Designed to run on existing corporate infrastructure
  • Low CPU/ network bandwidth usage due to minimal local cache
  • Smooth playback with dozens of transitions/wipes
  • Presentation scaled to fit screen resolution automatically
  • Use of multiple groups and possibility to personalize content
  • Auto restart functionality
  • Software works on existing network and easy to install (e.g. as MSI package)
  • Personalize content via LDAP, Active Directory or IP
  • Software uses existing file, FTP or web server
  • Security: encryption (HTTPS) and anti-sabotage (hash key)
  • Long-distance management and configuration possible
  • Intelligent, self-tidying buffer (cache) that ensures your presentation is always active, even when the network connection is disrupted

  Compatible with Windows OS and thin client  Download Productsheet

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