Strengthen Cybersecurity

Increase cybersecurity awareness and prevent cyberattacks

A cyber attack can have far reaching consequences for your organization. That is why it is crucial to inform your employees right away when your organization is facing a security breach. With the Netpresenter software, you can quickly and effectively reach your workforce. With just one push of a button you are able to publish alert messages with clear instructions on every screen within your organization. Display an alert message on PC and TV or send out a push notification to all mobile phones and tablets. This ensures your staff will immediately know what to and more important what not to do when there is an imminent threat.

Additionally, you can have excellent IT security and still run the risk that your organization falls victim to cyber attacks. According to IBM’s “Cyber Security Intelligence Index” 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error. Do you want to protect your organization against cyber attacks? Then it is important to continuously make your employees aware of (new) cyber threats by displaying cyber security campaigns on every workstation and on every public display.

One-time training VS Continuous learning

Continuous learning is proven to be far more effective than just a one-time training.  Studies show that we forget unreviewed knowledge quickly – without review 90 percent of what we learn is forgotten within 30 days. Repetitively sharing small chunks of information, however, helps to create permanent knowledge and beat the forgetting curve.


Quickly respond to (new) security breaches – pop-up alerts ensure people see critical security messages right away

Human firewall

Create a risk-conscious workforce – vigilant employees are the most important defense against cyber attacks

Continuous learning

Improve staff members’ cyber security awareness by sharing small, frequent chunks of information on the latest cyber threats


Mini cyber security campaigns throughout the office teach employees how to recognize and respond to different cyber threats

On-the-spot training

Provide real-time education and reach staff members where security breaches occur most – behind their desks

Quizzes & Surveys

Continuously updated quizzes and surveys assess employee’s awareness level and understanding

Improving Cyber Security at your organization requires the right mix of Communication Tools


Use the repetitive strength of our corporate screensaver to continuously keep people aware of possible cyber threats


Professional Corporate App brings your alerts and notifications to smartphones and tablets of employees, wherever they are


Broadcast cyber security campaigns with tips in a short, punchy format on large TV screens throughout your organization


Quickly respond to security breaches with a pop-up alert message that cannot be missed nor ignored on every PC


Immediately grab everyone’s attention by sending text and push notifications to every mobile device


Actively bring SharePoint content to employees’ attention. Extract cyber security content directly from SharePoint

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