About Netpresenter

The Attention Management Experts

Netpresenter enables you to accomplish more by managing the attention of your employees, customers and citizens. We provide an attention management platform for improving internal communications, employee alerting or mass notifications. Our solution is proven daily on millions of corporate PCs, Digital Signage screens and mobile devices. Whole countries rely on Netpresenter Mass Notification for AMBER Alerts and Public Safety announcements, reaching tens of millions of people in minutes.

No matter when, where they are or which device they are using. Broadcast your visual message to your medium of choice: TV (Digital Signage), PC (Corporate Screensaver), mobile devices (News & Alert App) or social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You can easily monitor tips and questions, interact with your audience or keep them updated.

More than 20 years of experience

Netpresenter’s visual and interactive communication software has been used by SMEs and multinationals worldwide since 1995, helping them to manage attention and reach every single person. Customers include DE Master Blenders, TNT, George Washington University Hospital, Johnson & Johnson, national and local governments, law enforcement, hospitals, schools and even oil platforms to inform & alert all in case of emergency, crime or crises.

A Social Enterprise

As the experts in attention management, Netpresenter uses its expertise and platform to save the lives of missing children. The company is key sponsor of AMBER Alert Netherlands and AMBER Alert Europe and provides its services to find missing children.

Netpresenter has developed and innovated the AMBER Alert system since the launch in 2008, working with the Dutch national police. With the support of the Dutch Ministries of the Interior, Security & Justice, Defense and Economic Affairs, Netpresenter is currently innovating the public crisis communications process.