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Meet Luc

“Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun!”

In my eyes, a company from Limburg that operates internationally is unique. The work is very diverse and fun, but our ‘after-work’ activities are often even more fun!

Hi, I am Luc Bormans! I’m 35 years old and I studied Commercial Economics at Zuyd University. After graduating in 2009, I took my first job – at Netpresenter. I started in 2010 as a Sales Assistant, and now, ten years later, I am Head of Marketing. At Netpresenter, I have had the opportunity to explore, develop and grow.

Why Netpresenter?
I think a company from the Southern province Limburg that operates internationally is unique. Our clients are large, well-known organizations. Multinationals in the Netherlands and Belgium, but among our clients are large American organizations and healthcare facilities, too. Additionally, the fact that we are the company behind AMBER Alert makes our organization very special to me. The google-esque working environment with all its benefits like flexible working hours, the number of days off, and the nice-to-haves like our pool table and soccer field… I don’t think you get that everywhere. Maybe at Coolblue or Google in Silicon Valley, but not in Limburg. The innovative character of the work at Netpresenter also appeals to me personally. We’re constantly innovating, with the latest technological developments aimed at the future. Even AI is no stranger to us!

I know this will sound like a cliché, but my work is never dull, and no day is the same. Collaborating with my colleagues makes work extra fun for me. We have plug-and-play workplaces, which enables me to sit with different colleagues each day. One day, I’m with my colleagues from sales, the next day, I work alongside my colleagues from the design or IT department. We all work hard, but there is also plenty of time for fun and relaxation. An ‘office prank’ is a must in our office, as is a nice drink or dinner after work.


So, I would say: why wouldn’t you want to join our team?! I don’t think you can do this challenging, interesting, and varied work at many other organizations in our region. And last but not least: you will want us to be your new colleagues. A nice, additional detail: our FIFA battles during the lunch break and after work have reached legendary proportions. I genuinely hope to welcome a new (talented) FIFA rival soon because ‘it’s lonely at the top.’

Bente Pieters

Bente is, besides a language purist, a communication wizard. She knows all internal communication ins and outs and likes to share these in impeccable language. In her spare time, you can find her at the gym or reading books at home.