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Good communication in healthcare spreads faster than a virus

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In healthcare, fast and effective communication is vital. If employees in healthcare facilities are not aware of the latest hygiene guidelines and safety measures, it can have serious consequences for the health of patients and staff. Unfortunately, some scenarios, such as the outbreak of a virus, may not always be preventable, and emergencies can sometimes be difficult to avoid. In such cases, it is crucial to inform medical personnel as quickly as possible about the correct procedures to prevent or minimize serious consequences.

A wide range of safety and hygiene procedures ensures the safety of patients. However, such a vast array of procedures and guidelines also demands a large amount of information retention from medical personnel. To ensure that hospital staff remains informed about all these procedures, the power of repetition can be utilized. Studies show that continuous repetition of important information and training is much more effective than a single training session.

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Read, remember, apply

Netpresenter easily applies the power of repetition: safety and hygiene procedures can be efficiently and effectively brought to the attention of medical personnel through screensavers on inactive computers and large narrowcasting screens. Even staff members without fixed workstations come into contact with these important procedures on a daily basis in this way. Frequent repetition of this important information ensures that employees not only read such procedures but also remember and apply them in their daily work. Emergency situations can be easily prevented in this way.

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Prevention impossible?

Then swift recovery! In most cases, prevention is better than cure, but in some cases, prevention is more challenging than in others. If an emergency occurs despite all efforts, alert notifications can be rapidly disseminated via Netpresenter on computer screens, mobile phones, and TVs. This way, hospital employees are immediately informed about the correct procedures to follow during an emergency, and serious consequences can be minimized or even entirely avoided.

Many hospitals, such as Erasmus MC and VCU Health, already make use of these capabilities and successfully utilize them daily to inform, train, and alert their employees. This helps their medical personnel make challenging tasks a little easier in a simple way!

Do you also need an effective way to inform your hospital staff? Contact us for a free demo. Or download our checklist on preparing for a crisis.

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Frank Hoen

Frank is CEO of Netpresenter and co-founder of the Dutch AMBER Alert and later the European AMBER Alert Foundation, which brings together and trains law enforcement, governments and innovation specialists from more than 20 countries.