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Boost a Culture of Compliance with Compliance Communication

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Our latest blog about compliance communication clarified how to communicate compliance effectively in today’s digital workplace. However, we think communication is the key to a culture of compliance in any workplace. That’s why we’re back with more tips on improving and ensuring compliance! Read on to discover practical tips for great compliance communication.

In many organizations, a successful compliance program portrays the organization’s commitment to ethical behavior. However, a successful compliance program can’t be established overnight. Compliance is an ongoing process – it requires every employees’ attention on a daily basis. It must be deeply embedded in their daily interaction, eventually creating a culture of compliance employees live by.

A successful compliance program should include open lines of communication and, preferably, direct lines of communication with every employee. This is what you can do to boost a culture of compliance in your organization with compliance communication:

Polls and pulse surveys

Track employees’ general sentiment regarding compliance with polls and pulse surveys. Listening could be easily overlooked in a compliance program, but the importance of feedback should not be underestimated. Ask staff if they are aware of all procedures and rules and act accordingly if employees state they aren’t. Have surveys available to receive feedback from the workforce on the training they have received and on your compliance program in general.

Our polls and pulse surveys are ideally suited for this. You can distribute surveys quickly to employees’ computers and smartphones and collect their answers in one content management system. Our polls and pulse surveys enable you to make them anonymous or not, so you can either see who’s given which answer or get an overall view of employees’ opinions. Non-anonymous pulse surveys give you an overview of who may need some help when it comes to compliance, which can be very helpful for your employees and your organization.

Reminders and attention boosters

New policies and updated procedures should be shared with everyone immediately. These important messages can not and should not be missed by any of your employees. Our attention boosters ensure that your important compliance communication gets to every employee who needs it. Create a campaign, write your message, target your audience and maximize the visibility of your message.

Attention boosters allow you to create multiple attempts to reach your audience automatically with notifications or pop-ups on your staff’s mobile devices or PCs that are impossible to miss. An acknowledge button ensures that employees have actually opened and read your message. If they haven’t (yet), automatic retargeting will keep sending them notifications and pop-ups until they do. Statistics in our platform’s CMS will show you who has and who hasn’t read your message yet, so you know precisely who is aware of important compliance communication.


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News and intranet items

Provide current information and connect employees with important updates or reference materials concerning your policies and procedures. If employees aren’t sure about specific policies or procedures, it is important that they have a source at their hands that provides the right information. Open lines of communication must enable staff to easily look up information that helps them comply with your procedures. A ‘compliance’ page on your intranet, for example, is an ideal place to assemble this information.

Make sure, however, that your intranet is visible to all, and the information can be found easily! Our SharePoint integration can help streamline this process. It will automatically show your intranet headlines on screens of choice in your organization, highlighting any new items or changes. Add a link to the item on your intranet, and all your employees must do is click the link to be directed to the information directly.

An (anonymous) ‘hotline’ to ask questions

Provide a ‘hotline’ that allows employees to ask questions or report issues or concerns. A comment section below important compliance messages enables employees to quickly ask any questions that may arise when they read the message. Our mobile app and desktop application provide employees with a space for social interaction they can use to ask any questions they have. Your compliance officer, in return, can easily answer them below the news items for other colleagues to see them, too.

However, we appreciate that some issues are more serious and elaborate. We also understand the need to be able to ask questions or report issues anonymously. A solution that helps employees to voice concerns anonymously easily? Display a slide on your employees’ screensavers with a link to a page on your intranet where they can voice any concerns. Again, all they must do is click the link to be redirected to the right page, and they can immediately write down their issues and ask their questions.

Would you like to see what Netpresenter can do to help you build a culture of compliance and improve your compliance communication? Schedule a free 30-minute demo to see everything Netpresenter can offer your organization, or get in touch with our consultants; they are happy to discuss your situation! Or download this free guide to help your employees make behavioral changes.

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