There are plenty of legislative requirements when it comes to offering a safe workplace. But why stop there? Keeping employees safe strengthens the relationship between employer and employee, improving engagement and productivity along the way. And we are not just talking about physical safety, but digital safety as well!

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Workplace Safety

Employers are obliged to create a safe working environment. It is in everyone’s interest. Internal communication plays a key role in keeping everyone vigilant and building a culture of safety in the workplace.

crisis communication

Crisis Communication

A crisis can hit any organization at any time, and when it does, communication is everything. Managing a crisis requires tools to safeguard against turmoil, reduce panic levels, and keep employees informed, engaged, productive, and safe.

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The increase in cyber attacks means cybersecurity is on top of the agenda for organizations around the world. To improve cybersecurity, many organizations turn to technical solutions. Yet to truly strengthen cybersecurity, you need to create a human firewall of resilient employees.

Why Netpresenter works?

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Workplace Wellness

Improving workplace wellness and building a culture of health in your organization is about promoting behavioral changes regarding employee health and happiness – and the right communication tools to deliver the message.

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Mass Notifications

When disaster strikes, communication needs to be crystal clear, lightning-fast, and sure to reach everyone. Anything less jeopardizes property, data, and most important of all: people. The stakes are high, and organizations need a mass notification system to match them.