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Alerting: How to keep your employees safe before, during and after an incident

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Alerting your staff in a timely manner is crucial for any organization. Especially now that an ordinary working day can turn into a crisis instantly. A regular alarm bell, however, just does not cut it anymore. If you want to guarantee a safe work environment for your staff, you need to be able to alert and inform them adequately in any situation and at any time. Netpresenter provides you with an all-round alerting solution to protect everyone before, during and after an unexpected event.

Alerting before

Each and every employee is responsible to some degree for their own safety, as well as that of their colleagues. By constantly keeping your staff members aware of possible threats you reduce their chances of becoming a victim. Keep your staff on their toes by repetitively broadcasting warnings and prevention tips through pop-up alerts and screensavers on every desktop, apps on mobile devices and digital signage screens positioned in strategic places. Information on spotting suspicious activity or preventing fires from escalating can be scheduled to keep coming back periodically, creating a message that cannot be ignored, nor forgotten.


Alerting during

Research shows that people ignore an alarm signal for one of three reasons. Either they don’t recognize it, they don’t hear it or they just don’t take it seriously. Make sure your staff heads to the nearest emergency exit right away when disaster strikes, by issuing an alert that simply cannot be ignored or misunderstood. Besides the blaring of an alarm, your employees will receive clear information about what’s happening and instructions about what to do. With one simple push of a button, striking alert messages will appear on every screen and device within your organization. Desktop alerts at work stations, text and push notifications on mobile devices, red flashing alerts on digital signage screens and warnings via an app draw your staff’s attention immediately and effectively.


Alerting after

So all your employees have successfully evacuated the premise. Now what? Most alert systems do not inform employees of the outcome of a crisis. Netpresenter does. Let people know what the next step is, by sending a push notification to the mobile devices of your staff. Easily communicate, for example, whether it’s safe to re-enter the building or if conditions make it unsafe to access the property.


Want to find out more? Here’s one success story about how Netpresenter’s alert function is used at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. See what we can do for your organization now! Or download the free infographic about the power of push notifications.

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Linda van Oppen

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